Pregnancy Center Vandalized After Showing Legislators Ultrasound

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 6, 2012   |   1:08PM   |   Washington, DC

A Boise, Idaho-based pregnancy center that provides women with tangible pregnancy support and abortion alternatives was vandalized after it secured national media attention for showing state legislators live ultrasounds during a committee hearing.

A rock was thrown through the window of the Stanton Healthcare clinic and Boise police have been called out and are investigating the incident.

Stanton Healthcare is a life-affirming medical clinic reaching out to women and their children in crisis and unexpected pregnancies, and is located right next to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion business. Stanton recently drew nationwide headlines when they organized and performed live ultrasounds in the Idaho State Capitol Building during the debate on ultrasound legislation.

During the hearing, abortion backers had to be escorted out of the ultrasound presentation for shouting and disrupting the meeting. The Founder and President of Stanton Healthcare, Brandi Swindell, has been getting Internet and email threats of violence and hateful attacks and, now, the clinic has been targeted.

Swindell is currently in Mexico working with and ministering to orphan children, so Stacey Harder, a Stanton Healthcare client advocate, responded to the vandalism.

“It is deeply troubling that someone would resort to violence against a women’s clinic that provides free care and services to women in crisis and unexpected pregnancies,” she said. “Since we performed the live ultrasounds in the Idaho Capitol Building two weeks ago, Stanton and our staff have received Internet and email threats and hateful attacks.”

“Violence has no place in America and we would hope that everyone, even those who are pro-choice, would condemn this act of violence against a women’s clinic,” Harder added. “Stanton Healthcare also wants to make it very clear to those who may be trying to intimidate us or bully us, that we will never back down or stop reaching out to needy women and their children in the Treasure Valley.”

Last year, pro-abortion vandals in Canada hit a crisis pregnancy center on three successive occasions, leading the New Brunswick Right to Life Association , which runs the center for pregnant women, to contact police.

Starting on June 29 and continuing for two additional nights, a pro-abortion vandal hit the Mother and Child House on Brunswick Street, and NBRTL director Peter Ryan described what happened for the Daily Gleaner newspaper.



“It happened on three successive nights, three different incidents,” he said. “One night they painted the word ‘Choice’ on one side of our building in large black letters and came back two other nights and ripped off our wooden flower boxes attached to the front of our building which dress it up nicely.

“They didn’t just rip out the flowers, but they went to the trouble of yanking the whole fixture off the wall, which suggests there was some animosity toward us, he added. “We suspect it’s somebody who just doesn’t like us.”

In March, 2001 pro-abortion vandals burglarized and virtually destroyed a pregnancy center in the South Bronx, just days after Mayor Michael Bloomberg signeda city council bill into law that targets such centers with heavy restrictions.

Chris Slattery, founder and president of Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers emailed about the incident.

“Our main office in the South Bronx was burglarized again.  This is the second time this has happened in the past 12 months,” he said. “They broke into our facility through the second story window, stole over $5,000 worth of equipment, and virtually destroyed the office.”

In July 2009, a crisis pregnancy center in Eugene, Oregon was hit by vandals — who left pro-abortion messages on its building. The incident comes weeks after an abortion advocate attacked the national headquarters of the pro-life group Operation Rescue.

And in December 2009, a pregnancy center in Arizona was burned in an attempted arson.