Nebraska Pro-Life Group Backs Bruning, Stenberg for Senate

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 6, 2012   |   7:55PM   |   Washington, DC

A Nebraska state pro-life group is supporting Republican candidates Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg, two pro-life Republicans who are seeking to replace retiring Sen. Ben Nelson.

The Democrat was one of several supposedly pro-life Democrats to draw strong opposition from pro-life groups after dropping initial opposition to Obamacare and supporting the health care law even though it funds abortions and comes with rationing concerns. The Nebraska Right to Life Political Action Committee today endorsed both Republicans and also Deb Fischer and Pat Flynn for the Senate nomination.

NRL PAC Director Denise Ashby said the endorsements were made based upon responses to candidate surveys, voting records if applicable and personal interviews in some races.

Looking at the U.S. House, Nebraska Right to Life is supporting Adrian Smith in the third district and the group said the pro-life candidates in the first and second districts “must return [a] survey in order to be given sole endorsement in their races, per our criteria.”

“In some cases a pro-life incumbent has not responded to the survey and can’t be endorsed until we receive a response,” the group explained. “This criteria is also printed on our Primary & General Election Voter Guides which come out two weeks prior to each election. Local city and county candidates in some areas will be canvassed with an educational survey in the next week. NRL PAC endorsements will not be made in local races but the results of the educational surveys will be shared with the general public.”



The following is a list of candidates Nebraska Right to Life is backing for the state Senate, the lone state in which the legislature is unicameral.

Dist. 1:  Dan Watermeier
Dist. 2:  R. Paul Lambert & Bill Kintner
Dist. 3:  Scott Price
Dist. 5:  Heath Mello
Dist. 7: Jeremy Nordquist
Dist. 9:  Erica Fish
Dist. 17: Dave Bloomfield
Dist. 19:  William Goodpasture
Dist. 21:  Mike Hilgers
Dist. 23:  Jerry Johnson
Dist. 27:   Colby Coash
Dist. 29:   Mike Smith & Larry Zimmerman
Dist. 31:   Acela Turco
Dist. 33:  Butch Hughes
Dist. 39:  Beau McCoy
Dist. 41:  Kate Sullivan
Dist. 43:  Cash Ostrander & John Ravenscroft
Dist. 45:   Richard Carter
Dist. 49:  John Murante & Frank Wellenstein

Other endorsements include:

Dist. 3:  David Copple & Jim Pillen
Dist. 5:  LaVon Heidemann

Dist. 1:  Robert Van Valkenburg
Dist. 2:  Mark Quandahl
Dist. 3:  Tom Schommer