Time Magazine Considers Honoring Planned Parenthood Prez

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 3, 2012   |   11:49AM   |   Washington, DC

Time Magazine is once again out with its voting process to establish another list of the Top 100 most influential people in American politics and public life. As she has before, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards is among the nominees.

Last year, Richards clocked in at the 69th most influential spot. She had been at a higher position, but a small campaign on Twitter led by some pro-life advocates like Bryan Kemper of Stand True helped lower her ranking as pro-life people were persuaded to visit the Time web site to declare the abortion mogul not influential.

This year, LifeNews is leading a campaign to prevent Richards from making the list. Before the campaign, which LifeNews started on Twitter and Facebook, a majority of voters responded to Planned Parenthood’s call to vote for Richards to make the Top 100. Now, 63.68 percent of those voting have said “No way” when asked if the head of the nation’s biggest pro-abortion business should be included.

In its profile of Richards, Time neglects to point out Planned Parenthood is a $1 billion abortion business that does more abortions than any other company in the United States. Instead, it profiles the dispute between the abortion giant and Komen for the Cure, which initially cut off funding for Planned Parenthood but then appeared to backtrack on its position by saying the abortion business is still eligible to apply for grants.

Time says:  “Planned Parenthood’s forces mobilized in opposition when seven states began to enforce laws requiring ultrasounds prior to abortions and other states proposed similar legislation. It also waged an extremely public battle with none other than breast-cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure after Komen decided to terminate grants to Planned Parenthood earmarked for breast-cancer screening for low-income women. Richards led the charge in persuading Komen to reverse its decision. For that, countless underserved women are grateful.”

Vote against Richards here.

When they think of Richards and Planned Parenthood, pro-life people recall Richards as someone who is fast and loose with the truth. Apart from misleading peopleabout the nature of her abortion business, she also lied about Planned Parenthood doing mammograms.



As LifeNews.com reported, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards joined the talk show of pro-abortion activist Joy Behar and defended Planned Parenthood against legislation in Congress seeking to revoke its federal taxpayer funding. There, she lied about what Planned Parenthood does.

“If this bill ever becomes law, millions of women in this country are going to lose their health care access, not to abortion services, to basic family planning – you know, mammograms,” she claimed.

Live Action released videotaped footage of calls to 30 Planned Parenthood centers nationwide in 27 different states where abortion facility staff were asked whether or not mammograms could be performed on site. Every one of the Planned Parenthood centers admitted they could not do mammograms. Every Planned Parenthood, without exception, tells the women calling that they will have to go elsewhere for a mammogram, and many clinics admit that no Planned Parenthood clinics provide this breast cancer screening procedure.

“We don’t provide those services whatsoever,” admits a staffer at Planned Parenthood of Arizona while a staffer at Planned Parenthood’s Comprehensive Health Center clinic in Overland Park, Kansas tells a caller, “We actually don’t have a, um, mammogram machine, at our clinics.”

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