Baby Survives: Born With No Blood, “Two Hours to Live”

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 2, 2012   |   7:56PM   |   London, England

A story of a miracle baby born with “no blood,” a severe case of newborn anemia, and given by doctors just two hours to live has bounced back to health and is experiencing a full recovery.  The London Daily Mail has the fascinating story:

A six-month-old girl has been hailed a ‘miracle’ by doctors after she was effectively born with no blood.

Olivia Norton was born with a severe case of anaemia. She had such a low count of haemoglobin – the chemical which carries oxygen in red blood cells – that it could not officially be classed as ‘blood’.

The ghostly pale youngster was given less than two hours to live but survived after having a series of emergency transfusions.

Her mother Louise Bearman, 31, a barrister’s clerk, today told of her shock at giving birth to a ‘ghost white’ baby. The condition is so rare Olivia will now feature in medical text books.

Ms Bearman said: ‘Olivia was my first baby, so I didn’t really know what to expect – but I certainly didn’t think she’d be that colour.

‘I’ll never forget what the doctors notes said – “white and floppy”. There were some complications before the birth, which was incredibly scary.

‘Then when Olivia came out so white we didn’t know what was going on. It was such a relief when the doctors explained what was happening, and it was quite amazing when they put the blood in her and she slowly turned this amazing pink colour.

‘She’s such a lovely baby, it means everything having her at home now.’