Dick Cheney’s Change of Heart: Liberals Still Complain

Opinion   |   David Prentice and Robert Morrison   |   Mar 30, 2012   |   3:30PM   |   Washington, DC

Liberals have been complaining about Cheney ever since Bush v. Gore. And they’ve wanted him to have a change of heart. Now, he has a change of heart. And they are still complaining!

He’s 71. Is that too old? Is it fair? Did he get special treatment? You’d think the heart was installed by Halliburton!

Well, it appears he did not get special treatment. (Don’t we all want special treatment when someone is going to take our heart out of our body?)

And it seems he waited 20 months. The average wait time, according to a medical consultant for CBS News, is 250 days.

While Dick Cheney’s damaged ticker was pumping away with an assist device for those twenty months, there have been some amazing developments in the ethical use of stem cells, adult stem cells.

In 2010, doctors at the Texas Heart Institute were given a $1.5 million grant to perfect a technique to “assist” heart repair using the same assist device that Cheney had, supplemented with the patient’s own bone marrow adult stem cells. In Germany, they have been repairing damaged hearts with adult stem cells for over ten years, and recent reports have shown success at using the patient’s own adult stem cells from various sources including bone marrow and even from the damaged heart itself. Thousands have already been helped with adult stem cells. It’s a heart-felt way to care for patients!

We’ve been hoping for another change of heart in Dick Cheney, too. We want him to give up lobbying for counterfeit marriage and embrace the federal Defense of Marriage Act and endorse the Marriage Protection Amendment.

But we’re glad Dick Cheney got a new heart. And we pray for his speedy recovery.

To our liberal friends we say: take heart: If the Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare, we won’t just have to wait until we’re 71 to get a new heart; we’ll all be senior citizens by the time we get an appointment.