Colorado House Approves Bill Protecting Women, Unborn Babies

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 22, 2012   |   10:55AM   |   Washington, DC

The Colorado state House has approved legislation that would make the next to follow more than two dozen others that put laws in place protecting pregnant women and unborn children who are victims of violent crimes.

Outside the context of abortion, such Unborn Victims Laws regard unborn children as a second victim, along with their mothers, when criminals kill or injure pregnant women in the commission of violent crimes. Currently, criminals who kill or injure the unborn child in such crimes are not held criminally liable for the death of or injury to the baby.

On Tuesday, members of the Colorado House approved HB12-1130 on a narrow 33-32 vote.

Chris McIntire, the director of the Christian Family Alliance, said the vote was “good news.

“We are encouraged that we are one step closer to seeing justice for unborn victims of violent crime and closing this horrible loophole in Colorado law,” he said. Rep. Joshi, the bill sponsor, worked tirelessly to see this bill make it through the Colorado House.”

Despite the House vote, McIntire says the measure faces a “steep challenge ahead” as the bill moves to the Colorado Senate, which is controlled by pro-abortion Democrats who are less supportive of the measure to protect women and unborn children.

“The radical abortion  lobby, and the Democrat legislators they control, will stop at nothing to see this bill defeated,” he said.

As CFAC President Chuck Gosnell said, “Now the Senate and the Governor will have to decide if they value pregnant women and their children more than their radical, tax-payer funded backers at Planned Parenthood.”