Five Abortion Workers Quit as 40 Days for Life Continues

National   |   Shawn Carney   |   Mar 21, 2012   |   9:16AM   |   Washington, DC

A few days ago I mentioned that this is the time during the 40 Days for Life campaign where we see abortion workers’ hearts begin to change … and now we know of employees who are leaving the abortion industry.

In fact, there have been FIVE of them!

I can’t disclose the campaigns — I’m told there are others who are also considering leaving, and any publicity could only add to the pressure these people are currently facing.

One abortion worker met prayer volunteers at the 40 Days for Life vigil outside and said with a smile: “This is my last day in this hell hole!”

It is not a cliche to say that ending abortion is about hearts and minds — it’s a reality. Praise God for these victories … and keep praying for all abortion center workers.


Here’s another story where for privacy reasons, I can’t give you the location. But we know of a woman who visited an abortion center to set up an appointment. 40 Days for Life volunteers in the public right-of-way outside prayed for her as she walked into the building.

Inside the abortion facility, she was given an ultrasound exam. When a staff member saw the image, she suggested that the woman NOT have an abortion.

Yes, that’s right. The person who performed the exam recommended AGAINST an abortion … because the ultrasound clearly showed TWINS.

The mother’s next stop was a pro-life pregnancy center. She still needs prayer — the twins’ father remains set on abortion. And of course, please pray for that employee as well.


The 40 Days for Life team in Birmingham marked the middle of the campaign with a Walk for Life through the streets of the city.

“It was the first time such an event had ever been organised in this city and we were overjoyed by the response we received,” said Aline in Birmingham. “There was a crowd of about a hundred people, some of whom came from a distance to witness to life in a town which hosts two abortion centres, one of which is one of the biggest in Europe.”

The day started with rain, a temperature around freezing — and heavier rain in the forecast. “As we always do when things are beyond our control, we left it all in God’s hands and once again, the sun broke out just a couple of minutes before we set off,” she said.

Shoppers were amazed at the sight of people walking, praying, singing hymns. Many people took pictures. And, Aline said, “there was no sign of hostility.”

The event ended with two minutes of silence in memory of the 7 million children aborted since Britain legalized abortion in 1967.

“Finally, as if to show us that the sunshine was all of God’s making, the rain poured down on us afterwards and there were even hailstones.” All in all, Aline said, “what we saw was very encouraging.” Note: Shawn Carney is the campaign director for the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer campaign against abortion.