Pro-Life Activist Randall Terry Takes Dem Delegate From Obama

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 7, 2012   |   12:32PM   |   Oklahoma City, OK

Pro-life activist Randall Terry qualified for at least one delegate to the Democratic National Convention after his bid for the Democratic nomination in an effort to highlight President Barack Obama’s pro-abortion record netted him 15% in one Oklahoma district.

Terry won 15 counties and earned 18 percent of the Democratic vote in Oklahoma and, under its rules requiring a 15 percent threshold for winning a delegate, Terry won one. Obama won Oklahoma with just 57 percent, and Terry’s more than 20,000 votes helped him carry 12 counties in the state.

If the delegate sticks with Terry, that would deny Obama the ability to unanimously be nominated for his bid for re-election and it could enable Terry floor access at the Democratic convention this summer that would give him the ability to cause a ruckus by bashing Obama there on abortion.

“My message was simple: Obama promotes the murder of babies by abortion, and is attacking the Church and religious liberty. Knowing this, a Christian cannot vote for him in good conscience,” Terry said.

“Obama’s promotion of the murder of unborn babies could cost him the White House in 2012. I will run in at least 6 swing states, and be a voice for the babies who are dying under Obama’s policies. If these numbers hold true in those states, the plight of the babies will cause Obama to lose the White House in 2012. How’s that for the most critical ‘social issue’ of our times being the driving force of an election? Obama’s promotion of murder is his Achilles heal,” he added.

Terry’s campaign telephoned many households in Oklahoma that voted in the Democratic primary with the following script:

“Obama promotes the killing of babies by abortion; and has attacked the Church and religious liberty by demanding we pay for drugs that murder the unborn. You can send a message to Obama and the world, that there are still pro-life democrats who will use their vote to defend the unborn and religious liberty. The Democrat primary is today. Please, vote Randall Terry for President for the sake of the babies.”

Terry registered as a Democrat in many states, but the Democratic National Committee sent out a letter in January saying he was not a “bona fide Democrat.” Terry decided to run against Obama to take advantage of a federal law allowing him to run television ads as a candidate and, in this case, ones showing graphic images of abortion. [related]

“Mr. Terry has publicly conceded that he is not legitimately running as a true Democratic candidate, but only running to exploit the rules concerning candidate access to television airtime,” DNC executive director Patrick Gaspard wrote in the letter.

As of right now, with 91% of the precincts reporting, Terry has carried 12 counties, and defeated Obama in another two. With 91% of precincts reporting,  Terry currently has 18% of the vote. If Terry receives 15% of the vote, he will receive delegates at the Democrat National Convention.

Terry has beaten Obama, and come in first in twelve counties. They are as follows:

Beaver County 38.8 to 26.5
Simmeron County 32.1 to 20.4
Roger Mills County 40 to 22.4
Grants County 34.9 to 28.5
Grear County 37.8 to 30.2
Bryan County 36.5 to 29.7
McCurtain County 31.6 to 27.1
Texas County 36 to 28
Pusmhmataha 29.5 to 25.8
Dewy County 35.8 to 19.6
Washita County 32.8 to 24.6
Harper County 36.7 to 23.8

Terry Comes in 2nd, and Obama 3rd (Behind Jim Rogers):
Ellis County / Rogers 28.5, Terry 27.8, Obama 27.1
Coal County / Rogers 30.3, Terry 23, Obama 22.4