911 Calls Show Botched Abortions Severely Injured Women

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 29, 2012   |   2:06PM   |   Birmingham, AL

New evidence obtained through an open records request indicates an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama downplayed the seriousness of the conditions of two women who suffered from botched abortions and required emergency vehicles to transport them to the hospital.

As LifeNews reported, two women were transported from a Alabama abortion clinic in January after paramedics had to hand-lift a partially clad woman from a narrow doorway and down several steps to an awaiting gurney. A second woman was wheeled to her gurney in a wheelchair down a trash-strewn alley only to discover that the rear entrance of the clinic could not accommodate them.

Two weeks later, abortion practitioner Ivan Diamond stopped doing abortions in Birmingham under pressure from pro-life advocates, according to Fr. Terry Gensemer, director of CEC for Life, who met with a representative of Diamond’s employer in Atlanta, Georgia. His leaving makes it so there is only one part-time abortion practitioner at the Birmingham abortion facility.

Now, Gensemer’s organization obtained copies of two 911 recordings and the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) transcripts of emergency calls that were placed from New Women All Women Health Center abortion business on January 21.  CEC for Life then shared the documents with Operation Rescue, which produced a video featuring the 911 recordings and photographs taken at the scene.

The recordings were heavily redacted and missing the last half of their content, but were enough to tell that the two each women suffered from an overdose of the drug Vasopressin, which is used to treat low blood pressure that results from heavy blood loss.

“There is more going on here than just a drug overdose. It is apparent that both of these women suffered blood loss, resulting in low blood pressure that was improperly treated with an overdose of Vasopressin,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “With this new information, complaints will certainly be filed. We will be asking authorities for an emergency closure of this abortion business and suspension of the abortionist’s medical license.”

Newman said the abortion practitioner on duty at the time of the botched abortions was Bruce Elliot Norman. He said the medical condition of the women is still unknown.

He told LifeNews the CAD transcripts show that paramedics were first summoned to New Woman All Women at 9:24 AM and were told to go to the back alley entrance, but were turned away without seeing any patient. Forty-eight minutes later, clinic owner Diane Derzis, known by state legislators as the “abortion queen” for her pro-abortion lobbying efforts, called 911 for the second time.

Newman said Derzis told the dispatcher that two women had suffered an overdose of Vasopressin and needed to be taken to the UAB hospital for “observation.” Emergency units were dispatched at “Priority 3” but that designation changed to “Priority 1” upon arrival, reflecting a more serious situation that first thought. Paramedics had to negotiate down a trash, strewn alley to an entrance that could not accommodate a gurney. The two women had to be hand-lifted out of the clinic and down a set of stairs past a broken safety rail in order to reach the gurneys next to an open dumpster.

Diamond has financial affiliations with Diane Derzis, who is listed as the owner of New Woman and of the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi.

Newman told LifeNews that, in his experience, “clinics like New Woman have a narrow hold on staying in business. They have two possible botched abortions for which they are being investigated, a dilapidated building, and one of their abortionists jumping ship.”

Newman has been consulting with Fr. Genesmer concerning their efforts to close the dangerous abortion clinic through peaceful and legal means.

“While ceasing the practice of abortion in Alabama is a good first step, Diamond should completely divest himself from the abortion business and stop profiting from the taking of innocent human life,” he said. “We are praying that New Woman’s last abortionist will also quit amid a growing investigation into dangerous conditions at that abortion mill.”

On the morning of February 2, after several unsuccessful attempts to contact Northside Women Specialists–Diamond’s employer–CEC For Life traveled to Atlanta with the intention of bringing public awareness to Diamond’s weekend abortion practice in Birmingham.

“We called Northside several times,” reports CEC For Life assistant Sarah Howell. “They didn’t call back, so we sent a letter. When that went unnoticed we knew we’d have to picket.”

But according to CEC For Life Director Fr. Terry Gensemer, the group arrived to discover that their picket would not be needed.

Before beginning their demonstration, Fr. Gensemer and two other members of CEC For Life decided to enter the building and make the OB/GYN office aware of their intent. The group was immediately ushered into a back office by the receptionist and amicably greeted by the Northside Practice Manager.

“We received a letter,” the Practice Manager explained, “and, in light of that letter, we would like you to know that Dr. Diamond will no longer be performing abortions in Alabama.”

“We were stunned at first,” Fr. Gensemer comments. “We assumed they had chosen to ignore our letter. We would really like to thank Northside for choosing life and the integrity of their practice over the atrocious ‘side business’ of Diamond. Hopefully Northside will continue in its mission to provide high-quality care for women and preborn children.”