Ron Paul Gets Endorsement From North Dakota Pro-Life Leader

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 28, 2012   |   8:32PM   |   Bismarck, ND

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul received his first significant pro-life endorsement today from Paul Maloney, one of North Dakota’s most prominent pro-life leaders.

Maloney serves as Executive Director of the North Dakota Right to Life Association and the group is the state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee. Established in May 1971, North Dakota Right to Life is the largest and oldest pro-life organization in North Dakota.

In making his endorsement, Maloney stated he was doing so as a private citizen and not on behalf of any prolife organization.

“I endorse Ron Paul, because he has been on the front lines of the pro-life fight not only in Congress but as an obstetrician who has delivered over 4,000 babies.  Ron Paul knows that our individual rights stem from the value we have for all human life, especially innocent human life, and that a disregard for human life will not expand human freedom,” he said.

News of the endorsement was well received from the Paul campaign’s North Dakota operation.

“Congressman Ron Paul is a man of faith who understands that our rights come from our Creator and that the right to life stands above all other rights.  Dr. Paul delivered more than 4,000 babies during his distinguished medical career as an OB/GYN.  The experience of bringing new babies into the world profoundly affirmed his view on the sanctity of all human life.  By conviction and by science, Dr. Paul understands that we should foster a society with a far greater respect for life,” said Jared Hendrix, North Dakota State Director for the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign.