Planned Parenthood Video: Black Genocide a “Vital Service”

Opinion   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Feb 15, 2012   |   4:43PM   |   Washington, DC

A new video released by Planned Parenthood is nothing short of an infomercial for their continuing Negro Project, called “A Vital Service”.

No other demographic has been more targeted and more deliberately failed by Planned Parenthood than the black community. In NYC, where the nation’s largest population control chain is headquartered, more black children are aborted than born. For every 1,000 black children born alive 1,448 are eliminated through abortion.

Black genocide is not a vital service. And for anyone wanting to dismiss the label used by many (including Jesse Jackson, Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP, Urban League) just read the description of the UN’s Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Much of it applies, especially the part that includes “imposing measures intended to prevent births within a group”.

Though lamented in every pro-abortion diatribe, like this recent “A Vital Service” infomercial, the problem is not lack of access. Black women, who have abortions at up to 5.8 times that of white women, obviously have access to population control clinics for abortions, but somehow can’t access the “reproductive healthcare” available at these same facilities?

Thanks to decades of racially targeted propaganda, the problem is not “access” but “axis”. Planned Parenthood has staked its claim that it is the only healthcare source, albeit “reproductive healthcare”, available to the black community. Everything hinges on the urban community’s dependence on abortion, aka Planned Parenthood, as birth control. Never mind that over 4,500 Title-X healthcare facilities exist across the nation, primarily for low-income individuals and families of all races, to provide the exact same “reproductive healthcare” as Planned Parenthood, minus killing via abortion. (Even if you take out Planned Parenthood’s roughly 800 abortion mills from that total, the public is still left with 3700 medical facilities to provide real health care).

According to the federal government’s Office of Population Affairs, nearly 75% of US counties “have at least one clinic that receives Title X funds and provides services as required under the Title X statute.” That’s not the kind of access Planned Parenthood is talking about because it doesn’t reinforce the lie that they’re the sole source.

“Planned Parenthood makes me a better pastor!” declares the (ir)Reverend Timothy McDonald of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice in this absurd Planned Parenthood crock-umentary.  He rails against The Radiance Foundation’s “Black Children Are An Endangered Species” billboard, launched originally in Atlanta, while praising the organization that is the number one killer of black Americans. Planned Parenthood’s narrative doesn’t include the inconvenient truth that the billboard campaign was created by one who is as black as Obama and championed by black leaders across the country (Dr. Alveda King, Dr. LaVerne Tolbert, Star Parker, Catherine Davis, Arnold Culbreath, Dr Johnny Hunter, Dean Nelson, Walter Hoye, and many more).

In fact, Dr. Tolbert was the first black individual to serve as a Planned Parenthood board member, something the organization would normally brag about. Perhaps that’s because, today, she’s no longer a “prochoice” ally but a passionate prolife and adoption advocate who is an expert in abstinence education.

Each billboard campaign featured (whether Life Always or The Radiance Foundation) had a host of black prolifers behind them, leading the charge. Yet Planned Parenthood can’t let people know this; it defeats their common tool of injecting racial animus.

Planned Parenthood would like the public to think the black community is overwhelmingly “prochoice” and that it is racist to suggest defunding Planned Parenthood. In a pathetic attempt to divert the real racism away from their own past and present, “A Vital Service” shows only white male politicians as opposing Planned Parenthood, as if people of both genders and every age and race don’t oppose the abortion giant. I guess that’s the way Sanger’s legacy approaches “comprehensive” whether in sex education or political activism. Perhaps people realized how much of a sham this infomercial is, garnering Planned Parenthood 94% dislikes (see right) before they disabled the very telling YouTube function. 

From the homeless young woman who chose to keep her child (nothing mentioned as to how Planned Parenthood helped her out of homelessness), to the married woman who claimed her lap wasn’t large enough for another child, to the bizarre implication that Planned Parenthood runs youth centers keeping black youth out of prison, one is left with the impression that Planned Parenthood has vastly improved the lives of black Americans.

No one in this advocacy piece mentions that STDs have skyrocketed in the black community despite Planned Parenthood’s dominance in cities since its inception. Unintended pregnancy rates continue to increase among black women, every STD is exponentially higher among blacks, and abortion rates are alarmingly higher (ending more than 40% of black pregnancies nationwide).

From Planned Parenthood’s representation of the only black individual on their crass “comprehensive sex” site, (where the black male is on his knees performing oral sex on a white male), to their response to the nebulous Tim Tebow Superbowl ad (video featuring two black male athletes Sean James and Al Joyner) to hiring a director of African-American media, Veronica Byrd to quell any notion that millions of black people oppose the destruction of abortion to this recent infomercial…Planned Parenthood is on a rampage to protect its money-maker. No other racial demographic feeds Planned Parenthood’s coffins, uhhh, coffers like the black community. Like the Aztecs of old, the abortion giant has convinced a community to sacrifice their children at the altar of their “savior”.

In return, the world’s largest abortion chain’s turnstiles keep turning, reducing their clients to repeat customers who are shielded from the benefit of true empowerment through healthy life-affirming alternatives and self-control.