Students for Life Honors Memories of Kortney, Sophy & Jon

Opinion   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Feb 9, 2012   |   11:10AM   |   Washington, DC

During our 2012 National Conference last month, SFLA honored the lives of our dear friends Kortney Blythe Gordon, her pre-born daughter Sophy, and Jon Scharfenberger, who were killed by a drunk driver in Macon, Georgia last October.

Our team decided the best way to make sure that Kortney, Jon and Sophy are a part of all of SFLA’s National Conferences moving forward was to name 3 Everyday Hero awards after them. SFLA will present the Kortney, Sophy and Jon Everyday Heroes awards at each National Conference to honor the memories of our friends.

These awards will be given out to thank and publicly recognize 3 selfless defenders of the preborn who don’t normally get much attention for their tireless work, and to inspire this generation of pro-life leaders to follow these these defenders’ footsteps. We also hope that this annual awards ceremony will serve as a strong reminder to those students we work with that driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other mind-altering substances is never the pro-life choice.

SFLA extends our congratulations again to our 2012 Winners:

  • John-Paul Deddens, founder of Students for Life of Illinois and recipient of the Jonathan Daniel Scharfenberger Everyday Hero Award
  • Don Blythe, founder of At the Well Ministries, Inc. and recipient of the Sophy Joy Gordon Everyday Hero Award
  • Kathleen Wilson, co-founder of Mary’s Shelter and recipient of the Kortney Blythe Gordon Everyday Hero Award