Unborn Baby’s Body Found at Fort Wayne, Indiana Sewage Plant

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 24, 2012   |   7:05PM   |   Washington, DC

Workers at a Fort Wayne water treatment facility made a gruesome discovery Monday afternoon — the body of an unborn baby who Three Rivers Ambulance Authority paramedics believe was approximately 10 to 25 weeks old.

Local media reports indicate the Allen County Coroner determined the unborn baby was 14-15 weeks gestation and the race and gender of the child was unable to be determined at the time of the examination. Although there is no indication how the baby’s body wound up at the facility, Indiana Right to Life president Mike Fichter tells LifeNews he believes the baby may have been chemically aborted and discarded in sewer.

He said Indiana Right to Life will ask the Indiana State Department of Health to revisit guidelines for disposing of the remains of aborted children in the wake of yesterday’s discovery.

“We don’t know whether this baby was aborted and then flushed into the sewer system by Fort Wayne’s local abortion clinic, or aborted at home using the RU-486 chemical abortion method, but both are strong possibilities,” Fichter noted.

According to responses to inquiries made to the Indiana State Department of Health, fetal remains prior to 20-weeks are classified as medical waste to be handled according to federal guidelines. Those guidelines, according to the national Environmental Compliance Assistance Platform medical waste management web site supported by the federal EPA, list various methods for disposing of medical waste including “Discharge in a sanitary sewer or septic system that is properly installed and operating in accordance with state and local laws.”

“The horrifying fact is that abortion clinics in Indiana can use garbage disposals and toilets to discard body parts into local sewer systems,” states Fichter. “The degradation of the disposal process is second only to the degradation of destroying these lives in the first place.”

Fichter notes that the Fort Wayne baby may also have been aborted at home by a woman using the RU-486 chemical abortion method and subsequently flushed down a toilet.

“A woman who has an RU-486 abortion is given a drug that kills her unborn child, followed by another¬† powerful drug that causes cramping, bleeding, and the expulsion of the child,” says Fichter.¬† “The abortion clinics do not prepare women for the trauma of delivering a recognizable baby at home, only to flush that baby down the toilet.”

“It is appalling that we even need to address this issue”, says Fichter. “But when you realize that Indiana is giving the option of treating aborted children like common sewage, something needs to be done. The discovery of this little body in Fort Wayne should be a wake up call for us all.”

Local reports indicate the discovery came at what was described as a storm sewer overflow house and that, during times of heavy rain sewage and storm water volumes build that cause a pump to kick in and rotating screens to begin moving. The unborn child’s body was caught in those screens.

Authorities could use DNA from the unborn baby to attempt to match it to DNA from the Indiana Department of Correction but authorities indicate the likelihood of determining whose unborn child was found is low.