Moms to Tell Congress: Pregnancy Centers Good for America

National   |   Virginia Cline   |   Jan 23, 2012   |   5:10PM   |   Washington, DC

For 40 years pregnancy help ministries affiliated with Heartbeat International have been receiving cards, thank you notes and letters from the women we serve. No one speaks to the lifesaving work of Heartbeat’s compassionate network of care better than these grateful women. That’s why Heartbeat is taking these moms and their babies to Capitol Hill on Jan 24.

Heartbeat’s Babies Go to Congress provides an opportunity for these moms to share their gratitude with U.S. lawmakers, to tell Congress that “Pregnancy Help Centers are good for America,” and to introduce to America their children who were once at risk for abortion.

Every woman deserves love and support during an unexpected pregnancy. Pregnancy centers provide the emotional support and practical resources needed to welcome a new life by surrounding each client with unconditional love and compassion. This includes helping each woman to recognize her own inherent value and the inestimable value of the child she carries in her womb.

Here are quotes from some of the women who are on Capitol Hill spreading the news of how pregnancy help ministries preserve maternal health and protect child wellbeing:

“I owe Crossroads Pregnancy Center my life, because without that ad in the phone book and that first initial contact, I don’t know where I would be today. I do know that I would not have my son, who is the light in my life, nor would I have the support system that I have found in those who helped me in my darkest hour,” said Krista Garner of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. “I also know that I DO deserve my son, my son deserves life, and that every girl deserves a place to go where she can feel safe, supported, encouraged, and educated to reach her goals and head in the right direction.”

“In 2011, I moved into the comforting, welcoming home of the Northwest Center Maternity Home, located in Washington, D.C.  I soon received the help of staff and volunteers who supported my choice to choose life at a time when my family and the father of my unborn child did not support my choice,” said Sharnece Ward. “When I thought all else was against me, I had the Northwest Center in my corner to shine light. After giving birth to a healthy baby boy, I returned to the maternity home where they helped me with my baby.”

“I never imagined I would find so much encouragement and acceptance from the ladies at the Women’s Center. None of the women were biased or judgmental in any of the choices they explained to me and they showed me that women have options. I would recommend the Women’s Center to other women because of the generosity, faith, love and support they offer. No one should be alone in a decision that will impact their future. My son is now four months old and I could never have done this without them!” declared Miranda Powell of Kettering, Ohio.

“Almost nine years ago, I was ALONE, AFRAID, HOPELESS with no one and no place to go. HOMELESS,” said Jada Cooper. After calling Our Lady’s Inn in St. Louis, Missouri, she said, “Our Lady’s Inn helped me to become more self-sufficient through humble acts of love, including their supportive services such as emotional support, spiritual support, stable housing and the longevity of accessing secure employment towards gaining permanent housing stability. As a client of Our Lady’s Inn, I was able to access after-care supportive services, which encouraged me to go back and continue my education.”

“I am so excited and thankful to see my daughter, who is now almost 18 years old, be part of the pro-life movement to save babies and to stand for life. She is here in Washington, D.C. for her second year and I am here with her for the first time in my life to show the difference pregnancy centers like Pregnancy Decision Health Centers of Columbus has made for our lives,” said former client, now nurse volunteer Jeanette Elwell-Cossin of Columbus, Ohio. “Because of pregnancy help centers we not only have our lives, but have the hope and motivation to join the fight to save families from the pain of abortion and renew our nation for LIFE.”

It is our hope that through Heartbeat’s Babies Go to Congress our U.S. lawmakers will understand the importance of providing alternatives to abortion and recognize their duty to protect nonprofit pregnancy help centers, while we work to preserve the maternal health and child wellbeing of the constituents back in their districts.

Heartbeat’s affiliated Christ-centered ministries include pregnancy help centers, pregnancy help medical clinics, maternity homes, adoption agencies and abortion recovery programs serving women and families across America and in 50 other countries. Heartbeat connects those in need of compassionate assistance with their local pregnancy help ministry at

LifeNews Note:  Virginia Cline is the Director of Public Relations & Public Policy for Heartbeat International