Noted Pro-Life Activist, Abortion Protester Endorses Romney

Politics   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 20, 2012   |   10:29AM   |   Washington, DC

Noted evangelical minister to government officials in Washington Rob Schenck today endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Schenck is president of the National Clergy Council, a nationwide network of conservative pastors from all Christian traditions, including Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox, and Protestant.

Rev. Schenck, an ordained minister of 30 years, is known for his evangelistic work among top elected and appointed officials in Washington, DC, where he has been headquartered since 1994.

Rev. Schenck is also a national pro-life activist. He and his twin brother, Fr. Paul Schenck, a Catholic priest, are founders of the only annual pro-life prayer and preaching service held inside the US Capitol complex. During a Christmas Eve service at the National Cathedral in 1996, Schenck made headlines when he told then President Bill Clinton at the communion rail, “God will hold you to account” for vetoing a ban against partial birth abortion.

Schenck, who has met all of the Republican candidates, said today about his endorsement, “I’ve talked face-to-face, at length, to Governor Romney about the issues of concern to Christian voters. When I asked Governor Romney pointedly about his personal view on abortion, he told me he believes every intentional abortion is an immoral end to a human life. He is clearly pro-life. He also unequivocally denounced same-sex marriage. When I asked, ‘Who is Jesus Christ to you?’ He said, ‘My personal Lord and Savior.’ There was nothing ambiguous about any of these things.”

Rev. Schenck said he believes Governor Romney is the best organized and the best financed to win a national election.

“Mitt Romney has the experience, the integrity, the intellect, and the leadership skills to go up against President Obama. No candidate will ever be perfect, but he must be as good as possible and he must be able to win. That’s why I support Mitt Romney.”