New Web Site Chronicles Every Abortion Clinic, Abortion Doc

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 18, 2012   |   12:39PM   |   Washington, DC

A new web site unveiled by the pro-life group Operation rescue chronicles every abortion facility and abortion practitioner in the nation in order to keep tabs on them and their exploits with the hopes of shutting them down.

The web site is a part of the new Pro-Life Nation outreach Operation Rescue has put together with the purpose of implementing  a comprehensive, unified, and goal-oriented strategy to end abortion in the United States. The plan involves informing and activating the pro-life grassroots while exposing the dirty truth about America’s abortion industry and demanding enforcement of abortion laws they frequently disobey — enforcement of which has shut down abortion clinics in many states.

“We believe that with the current climate in America, abortion could be eliminated every soon, if a goal-oriented strategy is employed that includes cooperation among various pro-life organizations and individuals,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

“We get calls every day, ‘Oh, this happened at this clinic,’ and ‘This happened at this clinic.’ Now the whole world can see how horrible abortion is,” Newman told the Washington Times. “We know the abortionists that are killing women, botching abortions, going to jail, under investigation, losing their medical licenses, etc. I want the people to know that there’s an ugly side to abortion. It’s not just the lesser of two evils. It is evil.”

The first project is, a web site Newman says is a searchable database that endeavors to list every surgical abortion clinic, every “abortion pill-only” clinic, and every abortion practitioner in the United States.The website boasts that it contains the largest collection of documents ever compiled on the abortion industry-and is growing daily. Documents include photos, medical license applications, malpractice suits, disciplinary records, news articles, videos, criminal histories, and more.

The new effort is part of a name change of sorts for Operation Rescue.

“We are excited to take the next step into expanding new, effective tactics that Operation Rescue has pioneered. While we will maintain Operation Rescue as our activist arm, most of our investigations will be conducted under the new Pro-Life Nation banner,” Newman told LifeNews. “Through Pro-life Nation, we will enlist pro-life supporters across the nation to work together in new ways to expose and report abortion misdeeds, hold officials accountable for enforcing our laws, and build a society that is truly a Pro-Life Nation.”

Newman will serve as the president of Pro-Life Nation while Operation Rescue’s Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger also serve in the same capacity for Pro-life Nation.

Pro-Life Nation is looking to partner with key pro-life leaders to contribute to the database so that the true scope of abortion abuses that occur daily in this country can be documented and exposed to the American people.

“Pro-life Nation and its inaugural project,, are new works in progress, and include plans to expand the Pro-Life Nation website very soon. We encourage everyone to visit the web sites, sign up for updates, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and contribute information about your local abortion clinic to the data base,” said Newman. “We face this next chapter with great anticipation and energy, and look forward to working with more wonderful pro-life people than ever to see America move closer to the day when abortion is abolished once and for all.”