Planned Parenthood Wants to Increase Abortions Globally 82%

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 17, 2012   |   8:50PM   |   New York, NY

International Planned Parenthood Federation, the international affiliate of the nation’s biggest abortion business, has released a new strategic plan for the Africa Region for 2010 to 2015 that calls for an 82 percent increase in the number of abortions.

Penny Starr of CNS News reports on the new numbers:

That number is in Figure 2, the “performance framework” of the plan (page 7), under “performance milestones/benchmarks” and notes its expectation of an “82 percent increase in abortion services: 212,021 services by 2013, and 273,656 by 2015.”

Also, in Table 1 – “Key result areas, outcomes, outputs and selected indicators, IPPFAR strategic plan 2010-2015” —  “safe abortion” is a separate “key result area.”  This information is also repeated under “performance benchmarks”: “82 percent in safe abortion-related services (2009 as baseline).”

The only other service listed under “safe abortion” (in Table 1) is a “50% increase of post-abortion family planning services (baseline 2009).” A 50 percent increase in “policy initiatives” and “legislative changes” in “support of safe abortion” also are listed under “safe abortion.”

She asked Paul Bell, senior communication officer with IPPF based in the United Kingdom, about the abortion business’ plan for more than 250,000 additional abortions and, naturally, Bell demurred and said the increase was abortion-related — not just doing abortions themselves. [related]

Bell said the numbers include various things, including “post-abortion care services following unsafe abortion,” counseling services, post-abortion family planning services, and medical and surgical abortions.

“IPPF does not seek to ‘increase’ the number of abortions, but to make abortion accessible and safe wherever women seek such services,” Bell told CNS News.

In January 2010, the international affiliate of Planned Parenthood released its annual performance report for 2008-2009. Despite an economic downturn and a slight decrease in annual income, the abortion industry giant boasted of increased activity across all of its lines of work — including condom distribution, advocacy and abortion services.

IPPF’s overall income for 2008 was US$119.7 million, down from over $120 million the previous year.

While IPPF’s total financial intake dipped, its abortion business boomed. The organization provided almost 428,000 “abortion services” to young people alone, with a staggering 1,134,549 total number of such services – almost double the number from 2007 – across the globe.

Despite an increase in abortion services, IPPF remained unsatisfied with the figure, arguing that “in comparison to other types of services provided by IPPF Member Associations, these figures remain low and indicate that much needs to be done in terms of future investment in this area if IPPF is to meet its objectives of providing women with the choice and right to safe abortion when faced with an unwanted pregnancy.”