Planned Parenthood Uses Hollywood to Make Abortion Look Sexy

Opinion   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Jan 17, 2012   |   1:30PM   |   Washington, DC

A few days ago, Planned Parenthood, America’s largest population control chain, tweeted: “RT if you think being #prochoice is sexy”. There’s nothing quite like sexualizing an issue caused (mostly) by unhealthy sexual behavior (of both men and women) requiring one to biologically destroy her own reproductive nature (pregnancy).

Planned Parenthood thrives on and promotes the unhealthy sexual choices our society makes. It’s a twofer for them. They pull in half a billion taxpayer dollars, annually, to treat the behavior-induced infections and make hundreds of millions by exterminating the life that naturally results from the sexual “liberation” they tout.

Through our campaigns, we expose how it all comes down to a billion dollars in assets that is made possible by controlling the population, weeding out those considered “unfit”. Overpopulation mythology has always been the driving force of the Birth Control and Eugenics Movement (please see for an awesome breakdown of this centuries-old tale). Planned Parenthood has never moved itself from its eugenics underpinnings nor deviated from its founder’s proclivities to lie profusely in order to advance the movement (see Planned Parenthood’s present-day Mythomania here). This may explain why in this 2008 IRS 990 form (page 82), they clearly indicate their mission is to achieve a “U.S. population of stable size in an optimum environment.” But those words aren’t sexy.

So, they trot out Hollywood celebs like Maggie Gyllenhaal and Scarlett Johansson who seem to regurgitate Planned Parenthood press releases, never deviating from the same conjured up statistics (like the oft-spoken 3% figure).  In fact, in a video featuring well-known actresses and comedians, it’s obvious that most are reading from provided talking points, spewing out the rhetorical weapons of mass distraction. For those who supposedly “stand” with Planned Parenthood, you’d think deep conviction would enable a sentence or two to flow freely in support of the nation’s largest abortion chain.

And I tried so hard to resist this, but Kathleen Turner with her smoking-ravaged voice, standing with Planned Parenthood begs the question, would she be standing with the tobacco industry, too? They’ve done the same to Americans as the abortion industry–preaching smoking is sexy and safe just like the abortion industry does with birth control and abortion.

Leave it to American culture to aggressively campaign about the perils to a developing baby from smoking, yet celebrate its dismemberment via abortion. Will People magazine feature that image of “sexy prochoice” on its cover? Think not.

Just like Hollywood, the issue is dressed up, concealing make-up is caked on, and the scripted words are uttered to evoke emotion. It all seems so real. But it’s merely a smokescreen for how each of the world’s largest abortion chains, Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes International, has managed to mask their true identity of racist and eugenic population control with “sexy” euphemisms like “pro-choice” and “reproductive freedom”.

Like all things in Hollywood that eventually age, the cracks and the wrinkles are starting to show. The glamour filters don’t work anymore. People are seeing in high def. They are awakening to the fact that Planned Parenthood’s racist and eugenics-laden history has never been severed from its present. Planned Parenthood’s even doubled-down, recently, on why it gleefully rewards fellow propagandists with the annual Margaret Sanger Award. Never mind, among many things, she was responsible for rhetoric that resulted in thousands of forced sterilizations of women across the country. Elaine Riddick, a victim of rape at age 13 and then a victim of forced sterilization by the NC Eugenics Board (as seen in Maafa21), wouldn’t think being “pro-choice” is sexy. Thanks to Planned Parenthood and the American eugenics movement, her choice was controlled.

Who needs forced sterilizations when you can force your unscientific propaganda into school curriculums and mainstream media across the country? (Mis)education is power.

Same lies. Different century

Perhaps Planned Parenthood could actually tweet, in 140 characters, their entire sentiment about what “pro-choice” does for our society. Those sexy words could be summed up by Sanger’s Negro Project advisory council that was desperate to control the poorer black population. They declared, “…Planned Parenthood was a vital key to the elimination of human waste”.

Somehow, that doesn’t sound so sexy.