Unborn Baby’s Kick Prompts Mom to Save Father’s Life

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 16, 2012   |   3:59PM   |   Atlanta, GA

File this one under amazing tales:  We’ve all heard stories of how children — or event pets — have been able to alert 911, emergency officials or simply another person to an alarming situation that involves a life or death situation.

In this case, in a story out of Atlanta, Georgia, a baby saved his father’s life before he was even born.

According to Sara McDonald, who is 7 1/2 months pregnant, her husband, Thomas, wouldn’t be here today if her baby hadn’t given her a very powerful sign that something was wrong — a big kick. She says that kick from her baby, Cameron, jolted her out of a deep sleep where she found her husband unresponsive.

She told the station he didn’t have a heartbeat and that he was “purple from the waist up.” She was, understandably, terrified and called police after trying to perform CPR herself. Officers say they weren’t sure he would make it, but fortunately he did, and he’s going to be fine.

McDonald has no doubt that her unborn son was responsible: “It’s like my baby saved my husband’s life. And he’s not even here yet and he saved his dad’s life. It’s an amazing feeling and I don’t think anyone else can say that.”

She talks more about the story in a video interview.