Planned Parenthood Kicked Out of School Classes in New York

State   |   Kristi Burton Brown   |   Jan 12, 2012   |   7:12PM   |   Shenendehowa, NY

The Shenendehowa school district of New York has decided that enough is enough. As the Times Union reports, they’ve kicked Planned Parenthood out of their classrooms. Naturally, the article calls Planned Parenthood’s classes by a very nice name: “interactive lessons in health education classes in the high school and middle school.”

A group of parents got fed up with Planned Parenthood’s “health classes” when they learned from their kids that the abortion giant was promoting a skewed view of sex and sexual health. According to the students, they were taught that “abstinence allowed for oral sex”. They were not accurately taught about how sexually transmitted diseases could be transmitted. They were given condom displays in class. Some parents had an additional problem because they were not told in time how to opt their kids out of this program.

Of course, Darren Cosgrove, a “community educator for Planned Parenthood” can’t quite understand why the parents are so fed up with Planned Parenthood. According to the Times Union, “Cosgrove said teachers gave glowing reviews to the program and that criticism of the coursework is often based on a misunderstanding about what goes on in the classroom. He said district officials requested the condom demonstration years ago…”

Well, let me just say that if there is a misunderstanding about what goes on in the classroom, the problem lies with the one teaching. In this case, Planned Parenthood. You’re obviously not communicating very well if your students are confused about what actually happens. And if your very purpose in teaching is to clarify a difficult subject, you better move on when you fail to bring the needed clarity.

In addition, it clearly matters more what parents want their children to learn than what teachers give “glowing reports” about. Parents should always have the option to opt their kids out of a class. They should always be given the freedom to convince the school district to change course. Thank you, Shenendehowa school district, for listening to parents.

There are several groups working to get Planned Parenthood out of the schools. Many parents believe that Planned Parenthood promotes teen sex rather than simply teaching about it. This is a problem since promoting teen sex increases teen pregnancies and increasing pregnancies among teenagers who are exposed to Planned Parenthood’s lies may lead to more abortions.

Check out The Campaign to Kick Planned Parenthood Out of Our Schools. Texas Right to Life is also very involved in keeping or kicking Planned Parenthood out. Even if you live in another state, they will have great advice to give you from their experience. Doug McGee, a writer for Texas Right to Life has written a helpful article here. He states:

“This is an area in which the Pro-Life community must never cease our efforts. Planned Parenthood is working around the clock to spread their pro-abortion agenda and corrupt the impressionable minds of the country’s youth. Call your local school district administrative offices and ask them who provides the sexual educational materials for health and biology classes. If they say that Planned Parenthood is the provider, contact Texas Right to Life for steps you can take to fight and expel this organization from your child’s school.”

LifeNews Note:  Kristi Burton Brown is a pro-life activist in her home state of Colorado, a pro-bono attorney for Life Legal Defense Fund, and a stay-at-home mom. This column originally appeared at the Live Action blog.