Fitness Magazine Promotes Planned Parenthood Web Site

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 12, 2012   |   6:02PM   |   New York, NY

Fitness Magazine bills itself as a publication to “deliver strategies and tools that help women make little changes to achieve big success. With a “You Can Do It” attitude, our workouts, health and beauty advice, diet plans, and success stories motivate readers to get strong in mind, body, and spirit.”

“FITNESS empowers women to embrace fitness as a lifestyle — not an age or dress size — and to change the conversation from “skinny” to “healthy,” it adds on its web site.

Apparently the new way to get fit is to support taking your child’s life and voting for pro-abortion candidates who want to keep abortion legal for another 39 years. That’s because the magazine, in its February 2012 edition, includes a blurb promoting the new Women Are Watching web site the Planned Parenthood abortion business unveiled this past week to promote pro-abortion candidates (click on image right to see larger screen shot).

“Have any questions or suggestions on how to improve the site? We want to hear from you,” the magazine says. Now might be a good time for pro-life advocates to complain:
Meredith Corporation
805 Third Ave., 25th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Or e-mail : [email protected]

The promotion of abortion may not be altogether surprising. Abortion practitioner Carolyn Westhoff is on the magazine’s health advisory board.

Westhoff testified in one of the trials related to the pro-abortion lawsuits seeking to overturn the ban on partial-birth abortion. Westhoff, testifying in the New York trial, spoke of how it is “necessary to insert our forceps, open them as wide as possible to try to capture the head within the opening of the forceps and then crush the head using external force applied against the head.” She admitted there is “usually a heartbeat” when she performs a partial-birth abortion, and that even when she collapses the skull, the baby is still “living.”

Because, you see, a three-day-long second-trimester abortion procedure is great for women’s health and fitness.