Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz CEOs Average $158K Salary

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 9, 2012   |   4:30PM   |   Washington, DC

A watchdog group that monitors the Planned Parenthood abortion business has released a new report showing the CEOs of the affiliates earn an average salary of $158,797 per year — making working in the abortion industry a lucrative job.

“American Life League’s STOPP International project conducted research on the Chief Executive Officers of all the Planned Parenthood affiliates throughout the United States,” the organization said in a new report. “The purpose of this research was to determine the salaries paid to the CEOs, their gender and their management backgrounds.”

Of the 81 affiliates monitored in the new report the sum of the total annual base salaries paid to Planned Parenthood CEOs was $12,862,560. More than 22 CEOs are paid in excess of $200,000 per year and the highest paid dozen heads of abortion businesses include:

1. PP North Texas, Dallas, TX (salary of previous CEO) $324,381
2. PP Mar Monte, San Jose, CA (Linda Williams) $315,950
3. PP Illinois, Chicago, IL (salary of previous CEO) $302,014
4. PP Hudson Peconic, Hawthorne, NY (Reina Schiffrin) $296,908
5. PP Northern New England, Williston,VT (Steve Trombley) $292,297
6. PP Orange & San Bernadino, Orange, CA (Joe Dunn) $278,871
7. PP Treasure Coast, West Palm Beach, FL (Lillian Tamayo) $275,238
8. PP MN, SD & ND, St. Paul, MN (Sarah Stoesz) $268,710
9. PP Heartland, Des Moines, IA (Jill June) $265,389
10. PP Southern New England, New Haven, CT (Judy Tabar) $264,766
11. PP Great Northwest, Seattle, WA (Chris Charbonneau) $259,405
12. PP League of MA, Boston, MA (Dianne Luby) $256,474

While Planned Parenthood touts itself as an organization dedicated to women’s reproductive health, more than one-third of the executives surveyed in the new report (36%) are men and only 12 percent of them have any health background while 11 percent have some sort of political background.

The report also surveyed the salaries of the top employees of the abortion business, which maintains its headquarters in new York City. The report shows Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards and her chief lieutenants are paid well.

Top salaries at the national office, according to the PPFA Federal Form 990 for the year ending June 30, 2010 are:

President Cecile Richards $353,819
Chief Operating Officer Maryana Iskander $288,886
Chief Financial Officer Maria Acosta $263,443
VP of Medical Affairs Vanessa Cullins $257,115
VP of General Counsel Barbara Otten $251,379
VP of Public Policy Laurie Rubiner $248,438
VP of Operations Karen Ruffatto $247,932
VP of Affiliates Lisa David $245,322

“Planned Parenthood has a national headquarters in New York City. That headquarters organization, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, supervises the overall operation of Planned Parenthood in the United States. PPFA, itself, does not run any medical or educational facilities,” ALL said in its report. “PPFA is made up of affiliates across the country. Each affiliate is an independently incorporated entity that voluntarily operates as part of the Federation. It must meet certain operational criteria and adhere to certain financial guidelines, including paying dues to PPFA, in order to use the name Planned Parenthood.”

“Our research shows that, in December 2011, PPFA was made up of some 811 affiliates. These affiliates had their own corporate offices in a total of 34 states. The affiliates operated medical facilities in 49 states (and the District of Columbia) and educational offices in an additional state (North Dakota). Each affiliate was led by a Chief Executive Officer appointed by that affiliate’s Board of Directors,” the report added.

The research was conducted using standard Open Source Analysis. All documentation was found using publicly available information. Sources included Federal Form 990s, Affiliate Annual Reports, Newspaper articles and other publicly available documents.

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