Girl Scout Employee Quits, Not Allowed to Wear Pro-Life Shirt

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 9, 2012   |   12:42PM   |   Phoenix, AZ

The Girl Scouts, which have already come under fire for numerous links to the Planned Parenthood abortion business and having pro-abortion speakers at their recent national conference, are under fire again.

Now, an Arizona college student who is an employee of the Girl Scouts has quit her job after scouting leaders informed her she would have to turn her pro-life T-shirt inside out. Renise Rodriguez, a 21-year-old religious studies major at the University of Arizona, worked as a Girl Experience Associate for the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona in Tucson.

When she went to her office last week during her off-duty hours to prepare materials for a meeting, she was told twice by a supervisor that if she planned to stay in the office or attend a troop meeting she would have to turn her shirt inside out.

Rodriguez quit in response.

“I started to get emotional because of the way I was treated so I left without preparing for the meeting and told my co-worker that she would have to get the stuff together,” she said. “As I was driving out, I called a friend crying and told her the story. I was so shocked at the way I was treated. After contemplating it for the rest of that day, I decided to write my letter of resignation.”

Her letter did not specify her reason for resigning, but she plans to discuss it with another supervisor when she does her formal exit interview.

Bryan Kemper,  Director of Youth Outreach for Priests for Life, told LifeNews he supports Rodriguez for standing up for their pro-life views.

“It is the courage and conviction of young people like Renise that gives us hope that we are closer than ever to winning this battle and bringing an end to child killing in America,” he said. “Priests for Life is committed to educating, activating and equipping young people to be a voice for life and young heroes like Renise prove this generation is a pro-life generation.”

Noting the shirt Renise was wearing was designed by Stand True Ministry, a pro-life youth organization he founded, Kemper said, “We will be sending her several more of our pro-life shirts to help her stand up and be a voice wherever she is.”

Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, applauded the young woman as well.

“What does the pro-life movement need the most right now? It is not large numbers of people who believe abortion is wrong; it is a small, courageous band of people who are willing to risk and sacrifice everything to end abortion,” he said.  “Renise is exactly that kind of person, who has not only the right attitude about abortion, but the passion it takes to make the protection of the unborn our number one priority.”