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Texas Judge Rules State Can De-Fund Planned Parenthood

Austin, TX | 12/31/12 4:34 PM

Michigan County Denies Planned Parenthood Abstinence Ed Grant

Traverse City, MI | 12/31/12 2:48 PM

A county in Michigan has denied a $12,000 grant to Planned Parenthood. Ironically, the local affiliate of the nation’s biggest abortion business claimed it wanted to teach abstinence education to young people.

Five Reasons the Obama Abortion-HHS Mandate Should Upset You

Washington, DC | 12/31/12 2:28 PM

Euthanasia Group Challenges Minnesota Assisted Suicide Ban

St. Paul, MN | 12/31/12 2:12 PM

Company Gets Injunction Stopping HHS Mandate Enforcement

Springfield, IL | 12/31/12 1:47 PM

In one of the dozens of cases against the pro-abortion HHS mandate under Obamacare, a company has won a court-ordered injunction against enforcement of the mandate, which goes into effect tomorrow.

New Poll is Wrong, Americans Don’t Want Assisted Suicide

Washington, DC | 12/31/12 1:21 PM

A recent poll indicates that 55% of Americans support assisted suicide.

Short-Film Crescendo Called a Powerful Pro-Life Tool

Washington, DC | 12/31/12 12:46 PM

Spectacular Images of Fetal Development Now Available as iBook

Washington, DC | 12/31/12 11:57 AM

Abortion Effect: U.S. Seeing Slowest Population Growth Since 1930

Washington, DC | 12/31/12 11:38 AM

After almost 40 years of legalized abortions throughout the United States — and longer in states that okayed abortions pre-Roe — the U.S. population has been decimated to the point that the nation is seeing the lowest population growth since the 1930s.

Is International Planned Parenthood Abetting Criminal Activity?

New York, NY | 12/31/12 11:11 AM

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