Wall St. Journal Spreads Margaret Sanger’s Abortion Propaganda

Opinion   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Dec 20, 2011   |   6:56PM   |   Washington, DC

Did you know that one out of ten people reading this article will go on to win the lottery? Sounds absurd, right? Of course it’s false, but outrageous lies like this are the norm for abortion propagandists. This is what Margaret Sanger and her offspring Planned Parenthood have done, persistently, to the American public since 1917.

Margaret Sanger was one of the most influential, yet duplicitous, activists in American history. Her crusade, which trumped even the lives of her own children, deftly adapted to any demographic in order to preach birth control as a solution to poverty and overpopulation. (By the way, do you know that all 7 billion of us can fit within the great state of Texas, with room to spare? Yeehaw!)

In 1946, writing in the Negro Digest, Sanger disingenuously preached the virtues of birth control and marriage in the black community by starting with a lie: “Last year 40,000 Negro mothers and babies died in childbirth in this country.”

At that time, people didn’t have instantaneous access to CDC stats to even question the disturbing assertion. But we do. In 1945, according to federal US Public Health Service (the predecessor to the Department of Health & Human Services), a total of 20,935 nonwhite (black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, etc.) maternal deaths and infant deaths (1 year and under including stillbirths of children in utero 5 months or more) occurred. Her false statement specifically deals with death during childbirth, and although still tragic, includes only between 13,000-16,000 deaths, not the 40,000 claimed.

By the way, Sanger called marriage the “most degenerating influence in the social order” in her publication, The Woman Rebel. That sentiment wouldn’t have gone over well with her black audience, who, at the time was comprised of more stable two-parent married families–over 80% then versus less than 30% today.

She was the quintessential chameleon, adapting to whatever environment and vernacular she needed to, in order to persuade a resistant public of her scientifically and statistically unsound propaganda.

The Wall Street Journal’s Ruth Graham recently reviewed yet another less than historically accurate biography of Sanger, A Life of Passion, avoiding the horrific foundation of Sanger’s despicable views—eugenics. The narrative treats Sanger as a reluctant, instead of passionate, adherent of the Eugenics movement. WSJ fails to take a journalistic approach and reveal to the public what is so, unambiguously documented: Sanger was an avowed eugenist, member of the American Eugenics Society and part of the well-funded movement that inspired the racial hygiene theory embraced by Nazi Germany. The holocaust was the natural and horrific consequence of eugenics unleashed, unabated, against those considered “unfit”.

Even today, with access to irrefutable documentation that Sanger’s views were repugnant, she’s presented as a hero for young children by Scholastic, escapes scrutiny by the media, and lauded as a revolutionary by those targeted by her Negro Project and lobbied legislation. Mainstream media, whose “philanthropic” foundations actually donate substantially to Planned Parenthood, pretend that investigative journalism doesn’t exist.

Those she has given birth to, either biologically or philosophically, adamantly defend her legacy. From the Guttmacher Institute to the Margaret Sanger Papers Project at NYU to her love child, Planned Parenthood, the bizarre multiple-personality disorder that emerges in explaining Sanger is almost certifiable. Which Sanger do they praise? The one who considered “hundreds of thousands of abortions each year a disgrace to civilization”? Or, perhaps the one who insisted that prenatal care is essential and that a child-to-be has “rights no less imperative”. Which Sanger is reflected in Planned Parenthood’s abortion of 50 babies for every 1 woman provided prenatal care? Which activist is reflected in the barbaric butchery painted pink and given a cute euphemism like “choice”?

It all comes down to eugenics, population control, and unrestrained sexuality, which are all provided a solution in today’s birth control—abortion.

The mother of Planned Parenthood has left behind a legacy that remains firmly intact, with little to no challenge from academic elites, mainstream media, or our public schools. Start with a lie, say it enough times, and with enough persistence, it will become unverifiable “truth”.

This kind of “truth”, tragically, does irreparable harm and is lethal more than 1.2 million times a year.