D.C. City Council Wants to Kill More Black Babies in Abortions

National   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Dec 16, 2011   |   2:09PM   |   Washington, DC

Today, members of the DC City Council, along with liberal activist group DC Vote, are protesting on Capitol Hill to demand that taxpayers fund DC’s abortions.

Back in April of this year, DC Mayor Vincent Gray and other DC City Council members were arrested while engaged in a similar vile and surreal demonstration.  They were protesting against federal funding of school choice (rescuing black children from failing schools) at the SAME TIME they demanded that Congress re-institute funding to kill unborn black children.

How does one reconcile supporting the needless death of its citizens while denouncing urgently needed educational resources for precious children once they’re born?

The incompetence of DC’s City Council is staggering. Their argument is based in deceptive “self-governance” rhetoric, which is disallowed by the Constitution.  You know, that silly document that establishes how DC is governed. Considering their abject failure to perform their duties in the District, losing hundreds of millions of dollars of reimbursements because of gross incompetence, statehood is a scary prospect.  Pro-abortion Mayor Gray, numerous DC City Council members, and DC Vote activists were protesting Congress’ withholding of about $65,000 to kill unborn children trying to make it a self-governance issue.  Their inability to collect $347 million dollars because of their continual corruption and sheer ineptness to properly fill out paperwork dwarfs any DC Medicaid abortion funding. (Note: DC Department of Health Care Finance verifies this “disallowance” but underreports the amount on their DC.gov site.)

By the way, let’s be clear about who those “low-income” women are; 81% of DC Medicaid enrollees are black. These are the ones Mayor Gray and the DC City Council are insisting should kill their babies. These “leaders” cannot be trusted with our tax dollars, nor with the lives of our children…born and unborn. They speak of a Free DC? The first step is to break free of the ideological slavery that justifies abortion for any reason and at any cost, despite the devastation that it has caused black communities across the United States. Abortion has never lessened poverty, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, but this doesn’t stop abortion apologists from making the claim that it is the “uplift out of poverty.”

Before the Emancipation Proclamation was declared over a feuding nation, Lincoln emancipated all slaves within the District of Columbia first. On April 16th, 1862, the most heinous human injustice known to our young country was abolished in the nation’s capital. Twenty one years later, the inimitable abolitionist Frederick Douglass, an extraordinary human being, commemorated Lincoln’s action and posed these potent and portending thoughts:

“At the outset, as an old watchman on the walls of liberty, eagerly scanning the
social and political horizon, you naturally as me, What of the night? It is easy to break
forth in joy and thanksgiving for Emancipation in the District of Columbia. It is easy to
call up the noble sentiments and the starting events which made that measure possible. It
is easy to trace the footsteps of the Negro in the past, marked as they are all the way along
with blood. But the present occasion calls for something more. How stands the negro
today? What are the relations subsisting between him and the powerful people among
whom he lives, moves, and has his being? What is the outlook, and what is his probable
future?”  –Frederick Douglass (Address in Congregational Church in DC on April 16th 1883)

Indeed. Where stands the black race, today, in America? Does it stand with the Mayor Grays and Al Sharptons of the world that fight to line more of our history with the blood of the innocent by fighting to kill our unborn children? Or will it stand with the remnant, like the abolitionists, whose cause was righteous, who were demonized by lawmakers and the press, and were hated because they dared to fight for human dignity…for Truth.

Recently, Rep. Trent Franks (R) introduced legislation to extend civil rights to the unborn to prevent gendercide and race-based abortions. Those who claim the civil “rights” mantle, but instead promote civil wrongs, ferociously attacked him. Congressman John Conyers (D) dismissed Franks’ PreNDA (Prenatal NonDiscrimination Act) as racist. Conyer’s dedication to abortion (which means, statistically, support of the epidemic levels of abortion among black Americans) drove him to make the asinine statement: “I’ve never heard or read about him [Frederick Douglass] saying anything about prenatal nondiscrimination.”

Well, Mr. Conyers, he also didn’t say anything about the human injustices of spousal abuse or pedophilia.

The ideological chasm is wide and ever expanding among those who fight for human rights. Frederick Douglass and many other passionate abolitionists did not risk their reputations and their very lives to see their posterity embracing death as a solution. The black race has been through too much to be re-enslaved by a self-destructive mentality. “Choice” only profits today’s plantations, run by the abortion industry, crushing freedom, and life, every single day.