Netherlands Pro-Life March for Life Doubles in Size

International   |   Michael van der Mast and Bert P. Dorenbos   |   Dec 13, 2011   |   8:37PM   |   Amsterdam, Netherlands

The annual March for Life was held in The Hague, the Netherlands. Participants from various denominations attended.

The shofar was blown at 1 o’clock, introducing post-abortive Astrid Mechielsen. She told the Marchers what her abortion had done to her. “It was not a solution, but the beginning of a big problem,” she spoke with her son on her arm. After her welcome, blue balloons flew up to the sky.

Every year more and more people participate in the March for Life. Thus spreading the truth and raising a silent cry in remembrance of the lives of the large number of children who are not allowed to be born, said Mr. Dorenbos of Schreeuw om Leven/Cry for Life. In his prayers he thanked the Lord for the possibility of this rally. “We’re not going for stricter rules, but we are called to advocate the abolition of abortion.” Dorenbos said.

His wife leads the Cry for Life help center, which provides counseling to women and girls who considering an abortion or are post-abortive. The Scripture based course Forgiven and set Free helps hurted women through the forgiving love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Speakers expressed their support from organizations Christians for Truth and HVC. Speakers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Sweden, India and the United States addressed the crowd. Key note speaker Dr. P.P. Job from India, directed us to the Christmas message by telling of John the Baptist who jumped in the womb in gladness at the age of six months when Mary, just expecting Jesus, came to visit his mother Elizabeth. Dr. Job warned that soon the Dutch will be nominating a Muslim president, owing to the declining birthrates in Europe.

Abortion denies a child the right to life, was the echoing message. Two post-abortive mothers from the United States America witnessed of the emotional consequences for years in which they suffered, physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually. Now, after their conversion, they move with organization Operation Outcry around the world to tell the world that abortion is never the solution.

At 2 pm the March started off through the center of The Hague. The silent March caught the attention of shoppers who stood by watching, impressed by the dignified atmosphere spread by the March. After returning to the square the Dutch politicians Cees van der Staaij of the christian party SGP and Joel Voordewind of the CU spoke, clearly encouraged by the large number of people who stood up for life, furthering the need for attention of discussing the abortion issue in the Parliament. Evangelist Jacques Brunt ended with a powerful call from the Scriptures to be intercessors for our country and people.

The organizers were pleased with the growing number of the annual March for Life in the Netherlands. An estimated number of 1.400 people participated. The police were well prepared and had to deal with small incidents caused by counter protestors prior the March.

LifeNews Note: Bert P. Dorenbos and Michael van der Mast write for the pro-life group Cry for Life in the Netherlands.