Abby Johnson Joins AUL Team to Expose Planned Parenthood

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 8, 2011   |   6:00AM   |   Washington, DC

Former Planned Parenthood abortion facility director Abby Johnson has joined the team at Americans United for Life to help the pro-life legislative and legal group further expose Planned Parenthood.

The move comes weeks after members of Congress announced an investigation of the abortion business.

Americans United for Life president Charmaine Yoest announced the move in a statement provided to LifeNews late Wednesday saying  Johnson is joining AUL’s premier government affairs team as Senior Policy Advisor. Immediately after coming on board, Johnson headed to Capitol Hill, meeting privately with key elected officials.

“No one understands better than Abby how intertwined abortion policy and government funding have become,” Yoest said.  “Abby’s expertise and insight complements our legal track record of defending life in law. She will be an integral part of our work to expose and de-fund the abortion industry.”

A well-known spokeswoman and media commentator for life today, Abby Johnson spent eight years working with Planned Parenthood before a gruesome ultra-sound guided abortion in 2009 drove home the point to her that abortion ends a life. She described her change of heart, and subsequent complete change of career, in her nationally best-selling book, Unplanned, that chronicles her experiences within Planned Parenthood as well as her dramatic exit.

“Americans United for Life’s impeccable reputation for legal and public policy achievement makes joining their efforts the logical next step,”Johnson said about the move. “I know first-hand how abortion is pushed and funded in the abortion industry. And I believe that the sound policy that AUL advances creates pro-life victories.”

Yoest said “Johnson’s knowledge of the inside workings of Planned Parenthood have made her an ideal choice as a witness before various legislative bodies about the kinds of policies, both funding and operational, that drive the abortion industry.”

AUL’s Vice President of Government Affairs Dan McConchie said Johnson joining his group was a welcome addition because he has witnessed how Johnson’s pro-life conversion “has changed the national debate.”

“When Abby testifies about the inner workings of the abortion industry, legislators listen,” said McConchie. “Already AUL is at work on a number of fronts based on her insights into how abortion is advanced as a matter of policy and funding.”

Johnson has been working closely with pro-life organizations over the last year and she has signed on as a blogger for LifeNews.

“For 8 years, I was a student of the pro-life movement. Part of my job was to follow the latest legislative updates and trends,” Johnson said about joining LifeNews. “Never in my life would I have believed I would one day be contributing to the most popular pro-life news source in our country. I am very excited about the opportunity to write about issues that matter to me and also give others an insider’s perspective into the abortion industry.”

“I firmly believe pro-lifers need to be fully engaged in all aspects of this movement; advocacy, outreach, and ministry,” Johnson added. “Utilizing a trustworthy news source like is one way to find out what we can do to become better engaged in this battle for life.  I look forward to providing information that will expose the myths and deceit sold to so many who are involved in our abortion culture.”

Johnson also joined forces with Live Action.

“Abby Johnson has seen the abuses inside Planned Parenthood with her own eyes and confirms the danger its clinics pose to women and young girls,” stated Live Action President Lila Rose.

“She is a courageous trailblazer despite Planned Parenthood’s desperate attempts to attack her and silence the truth,” Rose said. “We are thrilled and very thankful to have Abby join our team and are confident that her first-hand experience, conviction and guidance will provide invaluable counsel to Live Action as we advance our common goal of protecting women and children from the abuses of Planned Parenthood.”

Now pro-life following her seeing an abortion performed at the Planned Parenthood center, Johnson’s book Unplanned quickly rose up the book sales charts and was one of the most sold books on Amazon.