Planned Parenthood is Back With “Choice on Earth” Campaign

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 7, 2011   |   8:05PM   |   Washington, DC

The marketing department at Planned Parenthood must not be cranking out many new ideas because the nation’s biggest abortion business is back with the same “Choice on Earth” fundraising campaign it unveils every December.

In an email to supporters with a header blaring “Choice on Earth” in the same sacrilegious way it has every year, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards thanks the pro-abortion group’s hardcore donors for sticking with the embattled abortion business for another year.

“I’ve never had a year like this. None of us here at Planned Parenthood has,” Richards says. “It’s not the unprecedented, relentless attacks on Planned Parenthood and women’s health. It’s not the continuing need of women and families who rely on Planned Parenthood health centers every day. It’s you. You’ve stood with us every step of the way — and I’ve been amazed, inspired, and grateful.”

Richards complains that pro-life advocates “came dangerously close to barring federal funding for all Planned Parenthood health centers” and she bemoaned the “anti-choice members of Congress” who “launched the most vicious legislative assault this organization has ever seen.”

“But you know as well as I do that the fight is not over. Opponents of women’s health haven’t given up — day in and day out, they’re attacking Planned Parenthood and every woman’s right to make her own medical decisions. In Congress and in statehouses from coast to coast, in local communities and on the campaign trail, they are relentless,” Richards continues.

To give a shorter picture of the rest of the Choice on Earth fundraising email: without a very substantial financial donation, the world will go to hell in a handbasket if women and unborn children get the legal protection they deserve and taxpayers aren’t on the hook for funding abortions and financing the abortion industry. You get the picture.

John Jansen of the Choice on earth campaign too and commented on the abuse of the Christian “Peace on Earth” theme.

“I wouldn’t exactly call it the highlight of Advent, but today marked the return of an annual experience for me since I signed up for Planned Parenthood’s e-mails a few years back,” he said. “Of course, the message was really a fundraising appeal. It contained three links to their donations page within the message itself, not to mention the big pink “GIVE NOW” button. Only one sentence of e-mail was written in boldface — because, of course, this was the one thing they wanted to focus their members’ attention on, so as to gin up donations: ‘Opponents of women’s health haven’t given up—day in and day out, they’re attacking Planned Parenthood and every woman’s right to make her own medical decisions.'”

Jansen continues: “Opposing women’s health,” “attacking women’s rights” — same old, same old. We’ve heard it all a thousand times before. What this tells us is that Planned Parenthood has nothing new to offer.”

“Richards is right. Never before has Planned Parenthood suffered such a public relations black eye as in 2011,” he said. “Never before have so many millions of ordinary Americans been exposed to the truth that Planned Parenthood is ever so willing to cover up underage sex trafficking. Never before has Planned Parenthood come so close to being stripped of federal taxpayer funding, nor have some of its state affiliates actually been stripped of state taxpayer funding.”

“And, most importantly, never before have so many Americans learned that Planned Parenthood is Abortion, Incorporated. For 2009 (the most recent year for which statistics are available), 332,278 babies were killed by abortion at Planned Parenthood facilities. That’s the 15th year in a row Planned Parenthood’s abortions numbers have gone up,” Jansen said. “Cecile Richards is right: Planned Parenthood had a tough year in 2011, thanks in large part to pro-life activists. Now’s the time to redouble our efforts and make 2012 even tougher.”