Texas Planned Parenthood Didn’t Need Tax Funding, It’s Rich

State   |   Susan Michelle   |   Dec 6, 2011   |   2:23PM   |   Austin, TX

The recent revelation that Planned Parenthood of North Texas (PPNT) was simultaneously shuttering many clinics as it plans to open a new abortion supercenter leaves us with questions of the finances of this organization.

Even as Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund has been lamenting to its followers that it’s been the most difficult year in the organization’s history, citing, among other things, increased regulations on abortion and cuts in funding, it seems the Dallas/Fort Worth area is thriving in its finances.

Texas has cut $47 million from Planned Parenthood this year. But lest even pro-choicers feel sorry for the abortion giant, we have to look at what its own representative at PPNT said last week:

[D]espite the devastating funding cuts after the 2011 Texas Legislative session, Planned Parenthood continues to move forward with its capital campaign. We have made various changes to adapt to the loss of government funding, and with the help of our generous supporters and the funds raised through the capital campaign, Planned Parenthood of North Texas is looking forward to a bright and strong future. The new facility in Fort Worth has not been impacted by the decisions made by Texas legislators this year. (Source: Email to potential donor)

Indeed, PPNT seems to be a gold mine in a land of economic distress. In fact, as the culture has become increasingly pro-life, PPNT has increased its profits anyway. According to its 2009 IRS Form 990, which tax exempt businesses must file, PPNT’s total revenue that year was $22,974,898; however, this past year it was $26,179,377. Its total assets saw the same type of increase. In 2009 it reported 13,692,109 which jumped to $17,768,791 for 2010. You can get a summary of PPNT’s 2010 return here, and you can access the entire 2009 here.

According to IRS regulations, PPNT is what is known as a “charitable organization,” which is how it is tax exempt (as are most Planned Parenthoods). It pays no taxes on that huge income, but it pays its employees well. James T Roderick, the CEO of PPNT, made a reported income of $324,381 in 2009, with additional compensation (which typically includes things such as benefits and allowances) of $ 47,640. As a point of comparison, according to the US Census Bureau, the median household income in 2009 was $50,599 , or in Texas, for a family of four, the median 2009 income was $59,808. Other top pay in PPNT goes to its senior vice presidents of finance and community relations, who come in at $124,334 and $122,490, respectively, with other compensation at, $13,210 and $21,041. [related]

In other words, the top level leaders of the organization planning a huge new abortion center, complete with surgical facilities so they can do abortions as late as Texas law allows, are raking in heft incomes. Not having to pay taxes since it’s a charitable organization, PPNT seems to be able to pay its employees very well.

Its list of directors and offices includes two licensed ministers (one from the Episcopal church (retired) and one from a Unitarian one), both of whose church denominations are supporters of “reproductive choice” on a national level.

But how can PPNT keep giving so much to its employees and embark on a $21.5 million capital campaign for its new supercenter and say with confidence that even state funding cuts have not hurt the plans to go ahead? PPNT has a lot of community support for one. Take a look here at its workplace giving page. If you are like me and annually hear how important it is to give to the United Way through a workplace program then maybe you have given. While not all United Ways give to all Planned Parenthoods, some in the Dallas/Fort Worth area some do, and Planned Parenthood is happy to tell you how.

Likewise, if you shop at Tom Thumb stores or Kroger in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you can also give:

Give while you shop! ink Planned Parenthood of North Texas to your Tom Thumb Reward Card or your Kroger Reward Card, and we will receive donations for a percentage of your grocery purchases. Our Tom Thumb number is 2996. To link to the Kroger card, have the cashier scan this letter.

These ways don’t even include the big bucks stuff such as stocks, fundraising dinners, corporate giving, estate giving, and the list goes on. It’s no wonder that PPNT can so confidently say that a $21.5 million building program can continue without blinking an eye at state cuts. In fact, Medicare/Medicaid funds are small beans to them. In 2009, PPNT received $2,810,440 from Medicare/Medicaid payments; as you can see, in light of their other financial assets, this isn’t enough to stop them from their mission to help abort the babies of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

People often ask how Planned Parenthood can have so much money if even the government cuts them off. One answer is that Planned Parenthood all over the nation has many other methods to get money. And sadly, one of them is through you and me. As we shop, as we give to a charities like United Way, as we buy things from companies that support Planned Parenthood, every bit we do makes a difference.

And planned Parenthood is very thankful for it. Its finances clearly show us the American public is its best customer.

LifeNews Note: This column originally appeared at Bound4Life’s blog and is reprinted with permission.