Huffington Post Ignores Planned Parenthood’s Racist Roots

Opinion   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Dec 6, 2011   |   1:06PM   |   Washington, DC

Looks like Huffington Post Black Voices (via black women’s online mag, Clutch) is voicing its bizarre support, once again, for more black abortions in “Dr. King Supported Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood, Why Won’t You.”

Kirsten Savali praises Planned Parenthood as if the abortion giant actually addresses and reduces urban “unintended” pregnancy rates, STD infection rates, and devastating fatherlessness. It seems that she’s going for that shiny annual Margaret Sanger award. Way to go Kirsten!

She’s just distorted her way into the warm embrace of the number one killer of the black community. Yes, over 363,705 black babies are killed annually by abortion compared to 289,366 African-American deaths from all other causes, combined. Killing is never a solution to any issue facing the black community, yet she supports the profit-making genocide that is population control (aka Planned Parenthood).

Genocide is defined by the United Nations Convention on Genocide (in whole or in part) as “imposing measures intending to prevent births within the group.” That, and the more obvious “killing members of the group” provision clearly establish what is going on in America’s inner cities. And I’m speaking in actuality, not metaphorical allusions and psychological projections as Savali has done throughout her article.

And liberal social policies (dating back to institutional slavery and Jim Crow laws, all vehemently passed and defended by Democrats) have done nothing but wreak havoc in the black community…causing utter dependence on an, often, incompetent and controlling government. Is this what we need more of, subservience?

We’ve fought too long and too hard to be considered human to allow Big Abortion, just like the institution of slavery, to profit from redefining humanity. Thanks to the GOP, who introduced and passed every Reconstruction amendment (abolishing slavery, granting citizenship to all blacks, and issuing the right to vote among black men), our humanity began to be restored. But we can’t rely upon any single political party to ensure that human life is respected and revered when we, ourselves, show so little regard for the most disenfranchised among us–the unborn.

Martin Luther King Jr. was incredibly inspirational and transformative, but he was not omniscient. Savali deliberately fails to mention that his advocacy of Planned Parenthood was prior to them killing millions of children via abortion. This is a key distinction. Abortion wasn’t even legal at the time he, as uninformed as he was about Planned Parenthood, accepted the Maggie Award in 1966. He also didn’t have over 40 years of US Census Bureau data to show how poverty has only risen since Roe v. Wade–it has never lessened. Or, how STDs have skyrocketed since birth control and other contraceptives have become widely available, especially in urban areas (thanks to drug stores and thousands of Title-X funded medical clinics, which far outnumber Planned Parenthood population control centers). Or, how news media would actually advocate the obscene disproportionate killing of black babies as some sort of reproductive “justice”. His position on abortion would have been akin to Jesse Jackson’s passionate prolife stance (see his “How We Respect Life is the Over-riding Moral Issue) before he ran for president as a Democrat, shredding his deeply held conviction that abortion was, in his own words, genocide.

Planned Parenthood held a national strategy conference in February 2011, in large part, to combat The Radiance Foundation’s campaigns. It was co-sponsored by Essence magazine, in an effort to recruit bloggers and journalists, such as Ms. Savali, to help persuade the public with pro-Planned Parenthood propaganda.

So, Ms. Savali has chosen to play the role of Negro Project 2.0 advocate: distort then report. No amount of false projection of Sanger’s racist and eugenic actions onto conservatives (with nothing but vague and baseless political accusations) can ever justify Savali’s support of black genocide. So history must be revised.

Planned Parenthood is not the black community’s savior. They’ve put up shop, disproportionately, in urban areas resulting in the abortion of black babies at up to 5.8 times the rate of the majority population. Abortions continue to increase, annually, at Planned Parenthood abortion mills while the nationwide unintended pregnancy rate (49%), according to CDC reports hasn’t budged since 1995. Savali praises an organization, that despite a billion-dollar budget, fails at its basic task.

She asks why I won’t support Planned Parenthood? Because I, and millions of others, can make better-informed decisions. Although Martin Luther King Jr. was right about a lot of things, he was dead wrong about some key issues including overpopulation and Sanger’s Planned Parenthood.

Killing our future because of personal irresponsibility and profit-driven abortion propaganda will never breathe life into our communities. Restoration of family. Liberation from perpetual and generational welfare. Educational choice. Spiritual awakening. These are the things that will set us free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we can be free at last.