Planned Parenthood’s Mythomania: Big Abortion and Big Lies

Opinion   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Nov 30, 2011   |   5:02PM   |   Washington, DC

If Planned Parenthood were a patient (at least one they haven’t aborted), it could be diagnosed with one of many behavioral disorders.  But the primary diagnosis would be…mythomania. This psychological disorder is marked by an “excessive or abnormal propensity for lying and exaggerating.”

The billion-dollar abortion giant blatantly lies about basic biology and human development, peer-reviewed medical studies on birth control’s increased risk of breast cancer, overpopulation, and deliberate racial targeting. But the pathological lying, fed by billions of our tax dollars over the years, knows no end.

Women’s history has to be radically altered for the abortion-centered nonprofit to generate millions in profit. One would think that Planned Parenthood’s President, Cecile Richards, with a degree in History, would easily know the claims made on their site are ludicrously false. But this is what it means to Richards and others, who make a living off of abortions, to “trust women”. They fear people knowing the truth of their racist eugenic origins and their primary mission of population control that their mythomania kicks into high gear. Every machination shows how much they truly distrust women to make informed decisions.

In the About Us section on Planned Parenthood’s website, they make the following outrageous claim: “In [Margaret] Sanger’s America, women cannot vote, sign contracts, have bank accounts, or divorce abusive husbands.”

Let’s start with the first one. Margaret Sanger, mother of Planned Parenthood, lived from 1879 to 1966. Women’s right to vote, enshrined in the 19th Amendment, was ratified in 1920, just four years after Sanger established her first population control clinic in New York City. This was 2 years before she published her eugenics-laden Birth Control manifesto, Pivot of Civilization. She was a prolific writer, with numerous published works, all of which required her, as a woman, to enter into numerous contracts.

Does anyone believe that this female “pioneer” had to rely upon men to conduct her contractual affairs of business?

In fact, the Texas State Historical Association states: “From the time of the early republic, a single woman enjoyed basic civil liberties. Although she could not vote or serve on juries, she had the right to make contracts, to sue and be sued, to choose her domicile, to own and control property…” As usual, Planned Parenthood deliberately distorts history by conflating the rights of married women in Texas (under certain circumstances) with all women.

Our tax dollars fund the exorbitant salary of a former history student whose organization exhibits all the signs of mythomania. Cecile Richards pulls in over $354,716 annually for 32 hours a week of work, apparently most of which is spent lying to the American public.  Although she doesn’t work full-time hours, leading Planned Parenthood’s propaganda is still a full-time job. [related]

And just like women during Margaret Sanger’s time, Richards can do all of the banking she desires. According to an article from Time Magazine in 1936, women controlled “80% of U. S. life insurance, 65% of savings accounts, 48% of railroad securities, 44% of utility stocks, 40% of real estate.”

This abuse of truth reminds me of Planned Parenthood’s claim about women being unable to divorce abusive husbands. In 1851, California enacted divorce laws that allowed divorce for reasons of “impotence, adultery, extreme cruelty, desertion or neglect, habitual intemperance, fraud, and conviction for a felony.” Until 1873, Indiana had one of the most liberal divorce laws in the nation as people flocked to the state to separate their union, for nearly any reason.

Lying is endemic in the abortion industry. It cannot possibly justify profiting from the killing of innocent human life. So it must, through Planned Parenthood, conjure up an alternate universe, untethered by historical veracity or statistical accuracy.

The Prolife Movement trusts women enough to present them the whole unvarnished truth. The Radiance Foundation is passionately committed, like so many other like-minded abolitionists, to illuminate the Truth. Abortion profiteers’ revisionist history doesn’t change the urgent needs of the present. Women facing unplanned pregnancies need honesty, not hucksters who send people on their way before they realize, too late and with deep personal investment, that they’ve been sold a lie.