VIP Abortions: Herbal Tea Afterward in Hillary Clinton Room

Opinion   |   Stacy Trasancos   |   Nov 28, 2011   |   11:29AM   |   Washington, DC

Imagine a time and place where the standard procedure for medical care instructs a doctor to wait for more than three children to die for unexplained reasons before ordering tests to understand those reasons, or to prescribe medication to try to prevent another death.

Only after enough losses is the mother and father’s loss then considered “recurrent pregnancy loss.” A mother can lay on the gynecology table and stare at the ultrasound screen hoping to see her healthy child growing, and if there is a concern with the image or if her hormones are too low, she is told to go home and wait – helpless – to let nature take its course because until there have been enough miscarriages the doctor does not usually do anything more. Family and friends try to say the right thing. “Oh, maybe it’s for the best.” “You can always try again.”

Yet in this same time and place if you are a mother who wants to kill your child, you can go to a clinic and be treated as a Very Important Person, a powerful and good woman praised for your choice. You can even be assured that “the staff and physician are in the office that day exclusively to care for you” because you may have “time constraints” and need “expedited care.”

You will get a private room of your own named after a famous historical woman, possibly Marie Curie, Maya Angelou, or Florence Nightingale and after your child is killed you will be given a “light meal” in your room and “healing herbal tea in your own Whole Woman’s Health mug.” Wow! When you leave – your life all tidied-up – you will even get your own “post-abortion care basket” so you can return to a life of doing whatever you want to do, welcome to return to the clinic again if necessary. Whole Women’s Health in Texas and Maryland is “Changing the World, One Woman at a Time!”

They care for you, “mind, body and heart.” At one of their six clinics, they’ll listen to your concerns and help you get the abortion you need to be a whole woman. Why? Because “Good Women Have Abortions” and here you can have your healthy and even viable unborn child killed, removed, and discarded, while you are “surrounded by passionate people.” If you are lucky, you may even have it done in the Hilary Rodham Clinton or the Margaret Sanger room. You are a “powerful woman” too. And when you are done, you can have some “specially created Tranquili-TEA and snacks” while you bleed and cramp. Then you can return to your life, a good woman making good choices. “Remember to honor yourself and respect the journey you have been on.”

And while you enjoy such privilege and passion, the powerful people who run the clinic are out there fighting for your right to kill your child as a VIP woman. There are even lawmakers who want to force you to see the monstrous thing on an ultrasound, and to hear a description about what your baby looks like. “Pretty monstrous,” indeed. Goodness! But don’t worry, Amy Hagstrom Miller, who had to “beg and borrow” to buy her first clinic in 2003, now owns six clinics and her work is more “mission than job.” At Whole Woman’S Health she says, “We don’t worship the doctor, we worship the patient.” Worshiping women by shrouding them in lies must be good for business, but if all you have to offer is deceit, it’s only a matter of time until people see what you are doing for the dressed-up child sacrifice that it is, occurring right here today in our very own free country. Note: Stacy Trasancos, Ph.D. is a scientist turned homemaker raising seven children with her husband in Massachusetts. She is pursuing a MA in Theology at Holy Apostles College and Seminary and she is Chief Editor at Virtuous Planet and blogs at Accepting Abundance.