Abortion Clinic Advertises: “Removing Fetal Life Support”

Opinion   |   Stacy Trasancos   |   Nov 10, 2011   |   11:21AM   |   Washington, DC

So far in this tour of abortion clinics we’ve seen the clinic in NYC that offers “gentle abortions” and promises there will be “no pain” and “no memories.” No memories of what?

We’ve toured the website of a unique sort of place in NYC that isn’t even a clinic; it’s something else. They do “natural abortions” with no disturbing suction noise, a “five minute procedure” from which you will “immediately recover.” Then there was an offer from the clinic in Orlando that offers a “medical abortion at 24 weeks,” literally a procedure whereby a six month old viable unborn child can be poisoned and killed in the womb and the mother can go home and deliver the dead baby in privacy so she can “say goodbye” her own way. And they offer a $50 discount on Sundays.

Next stop – Michigan, where women are treated with a “more holistic approach,” and “stress-reducing, therapeutic relaxation techniques in a warm soothing atmosphere” are used to treat the “whole body.” There is “soft lighting and relaxing music” and “aromatherapy” to encourage a “deeper state of relaxation before, during and after the abortion procedure.” This makes them different. Meet NFP, (no not Natural Family Planning) Northland Family Planning. They take a spiritual attitude toward abortion. They “believe” and they “promise.”

What do they believe and promise? That the “best decision about a pregnancy is one that connects your head and your heart.” What does that mean? Or is it just supposed to sound pretty?

They also believe that the “State-scripted information is inaccurate and misleading,” and so they promise “to provide medically accurate informed consent.” But what is it? It isn’t disclosed.

They believe that “abortion does not have to hurt,” and they promise “to offer you safe choices and high quality pain management.” How nice.

In this grandiose scheme to holistically treat the pain-free, aromatherapied woman and give her “medically accurate” information, they describe the abortion procedure. They promise that their doctors will “take gentle medical and surgical steps to remove fetal life support and cause fetal death before removing the pregnancy.”

Oh, honest people of belief and promise who support the “whole woman” approach that connects the woman’s head to her heart, is this what you mean by taking “gentle medical and surgical steps to remove fetal life support and cause fetal death before removing the pregnancy? There has probably never been a lengthier way to avoid admitting what is really being done. Sorry for the graphic, it seemed necessary to expose the ridiculous obfuscation of truth being advertised as compassion and holistic medicine.

These are the “gentle medical and surgical steps to remove fetal life
support and cause fetal death before removing the pregnancy.”

Be assured, however, not to feel any guilt. “Making a choice about your pregnancy can be a gift of learning and growth. It is an invitation for you to develop a larger vision of yourself. It’s a way to practice compassion and loving kindness toward [none other than] your [whole, heart and head connected] self.” [Emphasis mine]

They had a page for women who needed “Miscarriage Management,” but it was “Under Construction.” Guess they promise that for another day. Or maybe they are stumped. Aromatherapy and pain medication don’t really take away the pain of losing a child – can’t ultimately take away the guilt of killing a child – and it is impossible to reconcile that with the veiled-in-spirituality nonsense being advertised for women in crisis.

LifeNews.com Note: Stacy Trasancos, Ph.D. is a scientist turned homemaker raising seven children with her husband in Massachusetts. She is pursuing a MA in Theology at Holy Apostles College and Seminary and she is Chief Editor at Virtuous Planet and blogs at Accepting Abundance.