Woman Who Refused Abortion Killed by Father of Unborn Baby

State   |   Sarah Terzo   |   Nov 8, 2011   |   11:35AM   |   New York, NY

Although abortion proponents always describe abortion as a woman’s “choice,” statistics show that women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy are often coerced by the men in their lives to abort. One study found that 64% of women who have abortions feel that they have been coerced by their partners. (1) In the most tragic and extreme cases, women who refuse abortions become the targets of violence.

A terrible example of such an event occurred in Queens, New York in October of 2008. Derrick Reed, 38, brutally stabbed to death his pregnant girlfriend. Reed was convicted on Thursday, November 3rd of this year.

According to police, Reed had been pressuring the victim, Niasha Delain, to have an abortion for months. She had steadfastly refused. Enraged at the imminent birth of the baby, Reed stabbed Delain in the stomach and torso over twenty times. This brutal crime took place on Delain’s due date. The full term baby suffered five stab wounds and died with Delain.

Delain’s mother, Towanda Wimms, has pledged to campaign for a law that would make the killing of an unborn baby during a homicide legally recognized as murder. Under current law, Reed could only be charged with one murder, not two, despite the fact that he killed an unborn baby that could have easily survived outside the womb.

Stories like this are tragically common. Murder is the leading cause of death for pregnant women.  (2)  The Elliot Institute, in their report on coerced abortion, identified over thirty cases of murders committed by men who killed their pregnant partners (or ex-partners).

These include the case of 15-year old Kyunia Taylo who was shot by a gunman hired by her 29 year old boyfriend.  Another teen, Teshibra Bell from Texas, was murdered by the man who fathered her unborn baby. Sixteen year old Vanessa Youngbear was killed by her ex-boyfriend and one of his friends after she asked him to take a paternity test. She was seven months pregnant. More examples of violence aimed at pregnant women who refuse to abort can be found in the Elliot Institute report on coerced abortions (https://www.theunchoice.com/intro.htm)

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