Jack the Ripper May Have Been a London Abortion Practitioner

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 3, 2011   |   12:34PM   |   London, England

A British newspaper features a new story that has the head of a UK pro-life group suggesting that the infamous Jack the Ripper may have been a prominent abortion practitioner in London.

“New evidence has emerged which may identify an abortionist as Jack the Ripper, the notorious serial killer of women in Victorian London,” says John Smeaton of SPUC. “A knife and samples of uterine tissue belonging to Sir John Williams, a famous surgeon who performed abortions, have been discovered by one of his relatives. Sir John was recorded to have had performed an abortion on one of the Ripper’s victims.”

As the London Telegraph reports:

A six-inch blade recently discovered could be the one used by Victorian serial killer Jack the Ripper, it has emerged. It was found among possessions belonging to Welsh surgeon Sir John Williams, a chief suspect in the Victorian murders.

Sir John, known to his family at the time of the killings as “Uncle Jack” was the surgeon to Queen Victoria who lived in London at the time of the slayings. He fled the capital after the murders and later founded the National Library for Wales in Aberystwyth.

One of his distant relatives has now unearthed the old black-handled surgeon’s knife, which he used for operations, and believes it could be the murder weapon. Tony Williams, 49, Sir John’s great-great-great-great nephew, has now published a book, which features the startling image of the knife, to expose his relative’s guilt.

Mr Williams said: ”Why would he leave this behind? I am convinced that this is the knife used by Sir John Williams to murder those women.

”It is widely know that the person who carried out the killings would have had significant medical knowledge. ‘Sir John Williams was an accomplished surgeon and routinely performed abortions on women. He held surgeries all over London at the time of the murders.”

He added: ”Dr Thomas Bond, a pathologist who examined the body of Mary Kelly, said the ripper had used the same six inch knife in all the murders. ‘He said it would have been at least six inches long, very sharp, pointed at the top and about an inch in width – a surgeon’s knife. ‘This is the knife that fits the description that I’ve held in my hand back in the National Library of Wales.”