New Video Exposes Pro-Abortion Guttmacher Institute

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 1, 2011   |   3:21PM   |   Washington, DC

A clever new pro-life music video with a Motown vibe is the latest effort form the Radiance Foundation to take on the Guttmacher Institute, a former Planned Parenthood affiliate that is routinely cited by the mainstream media.

The Guttmacher Institute is seen by media outlets as a nonpartisan and unbiased reference on abortion and abortion statistics, but Radiance Foundation president and LifeNews blogger Ryan Bomberger has routinely exposed the organization for its pro-abortion position, former Planned Parenthood ties and current funding from the abortion business.

The National Black Prolife Coalition sponsored the new video with Bomberger’s group to illuminate what he calls “black genocide” — the specific targeting by Planned Parenthood and its allies of black babies in abortions. The video contains a song, “We’ve Been Guttmachered,” that highlights the high percentage of black abortions and the ways in which Panned Parenthood and Guttmacher have covered up how abortion clinics are located in predominantly black neighborhoods.

The video addresses numerous contradictions by Guttmacher. A recent national study confirms that most abortion clinics are located in disproportionately black areas. Guttmacher, itself, declared in January 2011 that “abortion services are concentrated in cities” then issued another advisory contradicting their own claim.

Bomberger said the video is timely, given the way in which Planned Parenthood lashed out at pro-life Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain who, over the weekend, called the abortion business on the carpet for targeting African-Americans with abortions.

“Planned Parenthood’s Negro Project 2.0 Director lashed out at Cain for using ‘inflammatory and divisive language’. In the real world, we call this language ‘truth’. Guttmacher began as a pseudo-scientific arm of Planned Parenthood and, today, gives legs to the abortion giant’s propaganda,” Bomberger told LifeNews today.

Day Gardner of the National Black Prolife Union agreed, and said, “Cain has dared to defy the abortion establishment and speak about the atrocities they commit every day. Our communities deserve physicians who heal, not abortionists who butcher our very future.”

The Guttmacher Institute was founded by Alan F. Guttmacher, vice president of the American Eugenics Society and the first president of Planned Parenthood (1962-1974). Bomberger tells LifeNews that Guttmacher’s current president, Sharon Camp, was caught lying about its present relationship to Planned Parenthood — claiming it was “completely unaffiliated” with PPFA since 2004-2005. IRS records show, however, that Guttmacher has received over $2.1 million from the nation’s largest abortion chain since 2004.

In sponsoring the new video, the National Black Prolife Coalition wants to end the epidemic levels of abortion in the black community and abolish the human injustice society-wide. There are life-affirming alternatives as seen in pregnancy care centers, maternity homes and adoption agencies which provide care to thousands of women and babies, every day, in the United States, the group says.

“Black America is waking up to the truth. Sharpton, Veazey, Jesse Jackson, Veronica Byrd and other pro-abortion voices are pretending to support civil rights while standing for civil wrong,” said Stephen Broden, pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship, who sits on the black pro-life group’s board.

“I have a dream that America will soon wake up from the nightmare of abortion and all the blood, pain and death associated with the decimation of precious human life in our nation,” said Dr. Alveda King, Director of African American Outreach for King for America. “We truly have been Guttmacher’d!”