Perry Tells New Hampshire Voters He’s Strongly Pro-Life

Politics   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 31, 2011   |   6:05PM   |   Concord, NH

Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry appeared at a conservative event Friday night and touted his pro-life views, saying he supports de-funding the nation’s biggest abortion business and urging Republicans to stand for pro-life values.

“As conservatives we believe in the sanctity of life,” Perry told 500 activists gathered for a conservative event, according to the Christian Post.

Perry touched on efforts by New Hampshire officials to end taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business and said some candidates haven’t gone as far as she has, in signing a bill in Texas to cut off much of the funding.

“For some candidates the issue of life is a slogan for the campaign. It’s how to get some votes,” he said. “To me it’s about an enduring principal that innocent human life should be protected in all forms and at all stages of life.”

“If you want to stop Washington’s big violations of the (constitution), especially when it comes to the most basic principle of protecting life, then we must make President Obama a one-term president,” Perry continued.

Perry currently runs in third place in New Hampshire, trailing the two top candidates Herman Cain and Mitt Romney — who both receive the support of about a quarter of Republicans in the Granite State.

Perry has received an A grade from pro-life groups for his record in Texas.

“Governor Rick Perry has always championed the pro-life cause, tirelessly advocating for the sanctity of innocent human life in numerous ways,” Texas Right to Life executive director Elizabeth Graham tells

“Governor Perry has worked alongside Texas Right to Life, helping shepherd our pro-life bills and eagerly supporting our measures,” Graham said. “As governor of Texas, he has intervened to stop anti-life legislation on a number of occasions, and he has helped clear obstacles when necessary.”

For the pro-life movement, changing the makeup of the Supreme Court is perhaps the number one issue — as the current pro-abortion majority on the high court makes it impossible to overturn Roe v. Wade and allow for either federal or state efforts to provide legal protection for women and unborn children. Graham says her organization has been appreciative of the nominations Perry has made as governor.

“Every one of Governor Perry’s judicial appointees adheres to a strict constructionist style of jurisprudence; neither do they find a right to privacy in the penumbra of the Constitution, nor do they legislate from the bench,” Graham assures. “Governor Perry’s appointments have created the largest, most conservative judicial body in America.”

Joe Pojman, the head of Texas Alliance for Life, has also worked closely with the governor and confirms to LifeNews that “Perry has always been pro-life throughout his time as an elected official.”

“For many years, Perry has supported the fund raising efforts of pro-life organizations, including Texas Alliance for Life, and he has appeared several times at the Texas Rally for Life held at the state Capitol to commemorate the tragic Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision,” Pojman added.”We believe Perry has the right stuff to be president. If elected, he will aggressively defend innocent human life as he has as governor of Texas.”