College Students Given 200K Copies of Pro-Life Movie 180

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 26, 2011   |   1:13PM   |   Washington, DC

More than one thousand pro-life advocates gave away more than 200,000 copies of the new pro-life documentary 180, the movie that has taken the nation by story with its 33-minute presentation on abortion.

The pro-life film has already eclipsed 1.2 million views on YouTube as pro-life advocates are relying on the documentary to change public opinion and move it towards the pro-life perspective. The film shows evangelist Ray Comfort changing the minds of hardened abortion backers by drawing comparisons between abortion and the treatment of Jews by Nazi Germany.

The volunteers passed out the DVD copy of the film to students at 100 of the most influential college and university campuses in the United States. To avoid opposition, the day and the location of each of the universities were a highly-guarded secret.

“People can’t get enough of this because it’s changing minds about the hot-button issue of abortion,” the film’s producer, Ray Comfort, said. “It’s not only being watched on line, people are buying it to give away.  We have sold more than 150,000 copies in a matter of weeks.  One small church purchased 16,800.  But this week’s university giveaway was very special, because it put the physical DVD into the hands of the youth of America, and engaged many in healthy dialogue.”

Comfort added: “I am so thankful that people are open to change.  While there are some who are very angry at us for making this movie, others are very thankful and write to tell us their story.”

Tony Miano, the coordinator of the massive giveaway said, “Emails have been pouring in from students around the country who not only took the DVD, but took the time to watch it.“ ‎

Some of the comments the producers of the 180 movie have received from students getting the film include:

“I just was on campus and a friend of mine and I watched this video and in a matter of seconds both of us realized how important the topics in this document truly where.  I never really put things into focused until I watched this video. I have a lot of questions and now I’m taking the time to seek answers.”

“Powerful movie. I always told myself I would never have an abortion, but what other women did was their business…I have COMPLETELY changed my mind now. Abortion is murder, it should be illegal.”

“I was handed the 180 DVD while walking to class on my college campus…It made me not only think of the issue in a way I hadn’t before, it made me think of the issue to begin with.…Identifying as “pro-life” was one of the last things my thankful heart could commit to. Now that I’ve watched this simple DVD, I’m finally able to say I’m Pro-life and really mean it!!”

Other comments include:

“We both [my husband and I] voted for a pro-choice president the last election. After watching this documentary he said to me in tears that he was wrong. We have had our minds changed about who we vote for.”

“I was at an abortion clinic on the sidewalk (with my laptop), had two young ladies stop and watch the trailer that is in the special features. Then afterwards they watched the 180 DVD all the way through. One was four month’s pregnant, the other was three. They were both going there for an abortion; they were both in tears, hugged my neck and decided to give their babies life and choose adoption instead. I cried too.”

Comfrot said he is emboldened in his efforts to provide legal protection for unborn children by the success of the documentary.

“I will not rest as long as the horror of killing babies is a legal reality in our nation,” he said. “But political change will only come if those who care about the unborn speak up.  We created the ‘180 Course’ to help those who care confidentially talk about the subject, in a way that makes sense.”

“Anyone can change someone’s mind about abortion as I did on ‘180,’ if they have a loving heart and if they are willing to learn a few simple principles,” he concluded.