Laura Ingraham: Media Prefers Occupy Wall Street to Pro-Lifers

National   |   Martha Schieber   |   Oct 14, 2011   |   7:31PM   |   Kansas City, MO

Popular radio show host Laura Ingraham made an interesting observation at Vitae Foundation’s 16th Annual Pro-Life Benefit Dinner in Kansas City Tuesday night.  She noted all the media coverage surrounding the “Occupying Wall Street” protesters.  Yet at the same time, the prayerful “40 Days for Life” movement and the grassroots efforts of Vitae which provide actual life-saving stories won’t make the evening news.

Ingraham noted that just this week an article on the LifeNews website reported 122 babies had been saved during this recent 40 Days for Life event.

“These are amazing stories of lives being changed!  People are going into a clinic for one thing and leaving with minds being changed, maybe being handed a pamphlet or thinking about the Vitae billboard they saw earlier in the day about other choices,” the top female radio host remarked.  “They go into the clinics, and they make a different choice.  And then they go on and say, ‘My goodness, I have a life here. This is my DNA, this is my child!’  These are the stories that the dinosaur media will not cover.”

Always ready to defend her views, Ingraham explained why the media won’t touch these types of stories.  “They won’t cover them for a reason.  Because the more people hear of these stories and the more these stories get out, the polls start to change.  The polls start to move in a pro-life direction.”

Vitae President Carl Landwehr reflected as Vitae embarks on its 20th year.  “Lots of changes have occurred over the last twenty years, with more Internet influence than TV and more people labeled as pro-life today.  Why, even some hospitals are promoting unborn babies as patients,” Landwehr stated.

What’s intriguing is what the next 20 years will bring, Landwehr noted.   “During the first twenty years the Vitae organization saved lives.  During the next twenty we’ll save generations.  That’s the opportunity we have before us.”

Ingraham praised Vitae for its work using mass media campaigns to reach women facing unplanned pregnancies and to create more powerful stories of lives saved.  “The work of Vitae nation-wide, using the media to get an alternative message out to young women and young men who are bombarded with only one message—Vitae’s work is more essential now than it’s ever been,” Ingraham stated.

The crowd of 600 learned that 12 weeks of Vitae’s alternative messaging was launched on TV this past Monday (October 10) in Kansas City to complement the final phase of the Vitae billboard campaign that begins in two weeks.  Vitae’s Only You TV commercial will air on seven cable networks on the most watched programs of Vitae’s target audience, such as the popular MTV shows “16 & Pregnant” and “Teen Mom.”   Beginning October 24, 12 billboards will reinforce the message of the TV ad, informing women of local resources.

“We bought ads in strategic cable zones to round out this year’s campaign.  We’re targeting key neighborhoods to reach pregnant women in need before the abortion industry does,” Vitae Vice President Anne Carmichael informed the crowd.  The commercial and billboard campaign will direct women to The Women’s Clinic of Kansas City, with locations in Independence and Grandview.

Women who responded to Vitae’s previous Greater Kansas City market campaigns were honored as “Women of Courage” because of the obstacles they had to overcome and the fears they had to face to carry their babies to term.  These women all chose either to parent or to place their child for adoption.  One of these courageous women had a special message for the donors of Vitae.

“I give thanks to God for Vitae.  God stepped into our lives through the Women’s Clinic of Kansas City because of a Vitae billboard I saw one night.  For that I am eternally grateful.  Thank you!” Latricerea shared.  “Everyday during my pregnancy I prayed, ‘I live each day for you’ (my baby).  I thank God I do have my baby to live for.  She gave me the motivation to go the (classes) that helped me go get a job on my own and the confidence to take the next step in my life, one that would help me provide for my daughter.”

Also during this emotional evening of celebrating life, Vitae honored Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and Kansans for Life Executive Director Mary Kay Culp for their efforts in changing the late-term abortion culture of Kansas to one of life.  Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer accepted the award on behalf of Gov. Brownback, who was on a trade mission in Russia.

“This cause is something very personal to the governor and to me as well.  It is evidenced in the spirit and the life of the great state of Kansas; we respect individuals.  Our children are our greatest resource,” Lt. Gov. Colyer stated.  “For years we were the Abortion Capital of the United States for late-term abortions.  But many people have labored in the vineyard, including Mary Kay and thousands of Kansans.”

Ms. Ingraham summed up the evening well: “There’s a lot of money riding on the abortion industry.  The good news is the work of the angels among us has a real effect!” Note: Martha Schieber is the Communications Director of the Vitae Foundation.  To view Vitae’s television commercial ‘Only You’ go to