CNN’s Roland Martin Blasts Herman Cain, Defends Abortion

Opinion   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Oct 12, 2011   |   3:10PM   |   Washington, DC

Recently, CNN’s Roland Martin berated Herman Cain for denying the GOP’s “horrible history with blacks”.  Inaccurately labeled a “Political Analyst” (because analysis requires an examination of facts), his role would be more appropriately dubbed “Political Agitator.” Martin, in typical media establishment style, unloads a pile of revisionist history that would make Michael Moore proud.

Thought reform requires systematic indoctrination. We witness it on a daily basis from liberal media that knowingly distorts the most easily verifiable historical facts in order to cling to a destructive narrative.

In a twitter exchange, that proved Martin had no concern for professionalism, I challenged him about his recent article on CNN for its dishonesty. His tweets were seething with indignation and condescension (click on image at right to see responses).

“If Republicans today are angry about a high level of animosity coming from black voters, they need to blame their white forefathers who wanted to see the racial divide continue over their refusal to allow African-Americans to be full citizens of the United States.”  Martin couldn’t defend this statement or any other absurd assertions in his racist diatribe.

These “white forefathers” were the founders of the Republican Party who formed, specifically, to fight the injustice of slavery. They were the party that abolished slavery with the 13th Amendment, extended full humanity and citizenship to black Americans in the 14th, and provided the right to vote in the 15th. These Reconstruction Amendments and every Civil Rights bill introduced prior to 1964 were all championed by these “white forefathers” whose party was predicated on the equality of all created. The Republican Party, today, is still the party of abolition—the abolition of abortion.  And no demographic is more impacted by the destruction of abortion than the black community, as we’ve shown in our campaigns.

Martin, a self-professing “pro-choice” Christian, often rails against conservatives for not caring for babies once they’re born. Considering he claims the same about conservatives for black Americans (past and present), you can see the dishonesty required to propel liberalism. In defending abortion, he often claims the infant mortality rate in the black community is higher than Third World countries.

Really? So a rate of 13.24 deaths per 1,000 in America’s inner-cities is higher than Angola’s rate of 175.90 or Afghanistan’s 149.20 or South Sudan’s 102.00? Perhaps it rivals Rwanda’s rate of 64.40 or Cambodia’s 55.49? So, in Martin’s world, adding more death, via abortion, is the solution. There’s no factual analysis from this pundit, just liberal advocacy.

Brainwashing is defined as “persuasion through propaganda” in order
“to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas”. Martin proved Cain’s “brainwashing” assertion by revealing his willingness to play an active role in it. No force is needed when persistent propaganda, masquerading as news, is doing its job.