122 Babies Spared From Abortion During 40 Days for Life Event

National   |   Shawn Carney   |   Oct 10, 2011   |   10:36AM   |   Washington, DC

On this Monday morning, more good news to report! Thus far during this 40 Days for Life campaign, we are aware of 122 babies spared from abortion! And of course, those are only the ones we know of.

Here are just a few of the stories behind that number:


A married couple was headed into the abortion facility. They have two small children and they’re in a bad financial situation. They thought that abortion would be the best way to go.

After talking with one of the vigil participants, they kept their appointment at the clinic only to emerge 45 minutes later. During their appointment they learned that the doctor, who normally doesn’t do abortions on Thursdays, said that they should do it right away and that he could be there in an hour.

Instead, they decided to leave. A volunteer called another doctor who was able to see them right away and do an ultrasound.

40 Days for Life volunteers are working on getting support for them so that they are not alone.


Two volunteers were praying at the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Indianapolis when a young man came out to meet them.

The man and his wife were expecting their fifth child. At first, they panicked at the thought and had scheduled the abortion.

But when he met the vigil participants, he was smiling. He told them his wife was inside, but they had decided not to go through with the abortion. He accepted a bible and a baby gift and left for work.

A short time later, his wife walked out. She still seemed a bit unsure. But when the volunteers told that her husband strongly supported the choice for life, she appeared greatly relieved.


A 40 Days for Life volunteer was praying in front of Planned Parenthood praying, when a vehicle drove by and someone threw a bottle at him. His first thought was, “Time to leave!”

Instead, this faithful volunteer stayed there and kept praying. A while later, a woman came out of Planned Parenthood and looked at the prayer volunteer and simply said: “I’m going to keep mine.”

“We don’t know how many factors contributed to her decision to carry her child to term, but we do know that faithful prayer warriors are making a difference,” said Haylee in Anchorage. “What a miracle to know that a life has been saved!”


While volunteers prayed outside, a woman walked into the abortion center for a scheduled appointment – with her boyfriend and 9-month-old son in tow. As she didn’t know how far along in her pregnancy she was, she was prepared for an ultrasound.

After seeing the ultrasound image, the woman changed her mind and is now very excited about having her baby.

It’s worth noting that children are usually not allowed in abortion center waiting rooms – for a reason.

While the boyfriend and son were there, the child made his way over to another woman, who was waiting for an abortion. The baby boy pulled himself up on his knees and smiled at her. The woman got up and hurried out the door.


“David Bereit spoke to our little group in Saint Paul, last night at 9:30,” wrote one person who was there for this appearance by 40 Days for Life’s national director.

“He had, that day, traveled from southern Minnesota (Rochester and Mankato), all the way up to Duluth and Walker, then down to Alexandria, Saint Cloud and then Saint Paul — encouraging folks at each stop.

“He looked fresh as a daisy and spoke so eloquently and passionately to us for at least 20 minutes and he still had plenty of voice. AWESOME! It would tire ME out for the day, just going to Duluth and back!

“Thank you, David, and ALL who are out there, all who are praying — wherever you are! Glory to God!”


“My mother and I were at the Planned Parenthood in Whittier,” wrote Rosemary. “There were several young girls being dropped off.”

As they watched one young woman leave following an abortion, “our hearts were broken for a life lost and our prayer became more fervent. We cried together as we prayed yesterday’s daily devotional — so beautifully moving and centering for this horrendous task we must do.”


Suzanne is doing what she can, as “we don’t have the numbers here in Prague in the Czech Republic to mount a campaign at this time.”

“I know that my presence has made a difference already, since I was approached by a policeman yesterday who told me that my sign — ‘women do regret their abortion’ — was offensive to a woman at the hospital and I would have to leave the area,” she wrote.

“I have wondered whether my prayers and presence was even being noticed in this country and obviously it has. Perhaps I’ve also made other women think about the risks of choosing abortion as a solution to their unintended pregnancy.”


“At first, I felt like Jonah being fed to the whale,” Dennis said upon arriving for his first time to pray at the 40 Days for Life vigil site. After a few minutes of prayer, a woman got out of her car and went to join him. “It was good to have her company.”

Some passersby offered honks of encouragement; a few others offered rude gestures. Shortly afterward, it started to rain. But Dennis continued to pray. “I was completely absorbed in the moment.”

Said Dennis, “Not a bad day.”


40 Days for Life’s national director, David Bereit, was able to visit all of the 40 Days for Life campaign locations in Montana recently. And I was able to join him in Helena.

Over the past four years, David and I have collectively been to more than 300 of the 40 Days for Life locations — but have only spoken together at kickoff events together twice.

The first time was in 2004 during the first 40 Days for Life campaign in Bryan/College Station, Texas. The second time was last week in Helena, Montana.

The video above is from the Helena kickoff event. If you want to get a big shot in the arm for this 40 Days for Life campaign, watch this inspiring video right now.


The 40 Days for Life campaign in Dayton got off to a huge start, with about 250 people on hand for their largest event ever.

The campaign even got some television coverage of their kickoff, which included the release of 200 balloons — one for each of the estimated 200 babies lost to abortion each month at the facility where the Dayton prayer vigil is taking place outside.

One of the group’s leaders told the reporter that people of various faith backgrounds had come together for 40 Days for Life, “praying to God for an end to the scourge of abortion.”


Sometimes, people simply feel drawn to the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil to share stories about themselves.

Three 40 Days for Life prayer volunteers were outside the abortion center when a man walked up and asked what they were doing. He had noticed the signs they had with them: “Pray to end abortion” … “Women regret abortion” … and “Men regret lost fatherhood.”

One of the volunteers responded, “We’re here to raise awareness about abortion and save the lives of the unborn.” Another member of the prayer group shared a personal testimony.

“He stayed with us for the next two hours sharing, that he and his wife had chosen life for their two boys when they were just 15 and 17 years old and found themselves in an unplanned pregnancy,” said Lynda in Eugene. “I am sure he will be joining us again.”

Later the same day, a young man approached one of the volunteers to say that his own mother had entered a facility like this, but had walked out and chosen life for him. Shortly after that, a woman came up to share an almost identical story about her mother.

“God is so good,” said Lynda.