Wisconsin Abortions Decline 9 Percent, Pro-Lifers Applaud

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 7, 2011   |   3:26PM   |   Madison, WI

The number of abortions in Wisconsin dropped 9 percent last year, according to a new Department of Health Services report issued today. there were  7,825 abortions in 2010, down from 8,542 in 2009 – a total drop of 717 abortions.

The new report shows the abortion rate for women aged 15-44 also dropped to 6.8 per 1,000 women from 7.0 per 1,000 women the year before — keeping the state below the national average of 16 per 1,000, according to 2007 figures from the Centers for Disease Control. In addition, the abortion ratio, the number of abortions per 100 live births, fell from 12 to 11. This compares to a national abortion ratio of 24 abortions for 100 live births.

Barbara Lyons, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life told LifeNews today she is elated by the drop in the number of abortions.

“Numbers released today by the Department of Health Services show an 8.4% reduction in Wisconsin abortions in 2010 compared to 2009,” Lyons said. “We are elated to see a continuation of reduced abortions in our state with the bottom line being the lives of babies saved and number of mothers protected from a lifetime of emotional pain.”

“The abortion ratio is a key indicator because it reveals how many pregnant women abort or have their babies,” Lyons told LifeNews.com. “Wisconsin’s abortion ratio is 11 compared to the national ratio of 24. This makes Wisconsin a national leader in numbers of women who have their babies.”

“Once again, Wisconsin is leading the way in abortion reduction, a stated goal of Wisconsin Right to Life over the past fifteen years,” continued Lyons.

She added: “We continue to believe that reduced abortions result from young people turning away from abortion as a solution to social problems; Wisconsin Right to Life’s ongoing and comprehensive commitment to educating the public through television advertising and the Internet; and direct help to pregnant women through Pregnancy Help Centers.  It is thrilling to know that more Wisconsin women are choosing life for their babies and experiencing emotional health for themselves.”

Abortions in Wisconsin rose from 2008-2009 but declined for the five years prior to that.

Lyons says the abortion drop is partially because of a change in pro-life thinking in the next generation of young people.

“Fueling the decline are the young people known as the millenials (ages 17-29),” she explained. “Numerous studies by groups who favor and oppose abortion indicate that the millenials are far more pro-life than their predecessors in Generation X.”

“Since the millenials are now of the age when most abortions are performed (ages 18-34) we can expect to see further abortion declines as the millenials assert their values to allow a child to reach his/her potential,” Lyons continued.

Television commercials promoting the pro-life ethic and directing women to pregnancy centers also help.

“The Wisconsin Right to Life television campaign aired under the name of the Veritas Society has reached millions in their homes for the past 14 years and has contributed significantly to the Wisconsin abortion decline,” continued Lyons.

Earlier this year, with pro-life Gov. Scott Walker signing the state budget into law in Wisconsin, the Badger State became the fourth to cut funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business — following decisions by Indiana, North Carolina and Kansas to revoked funding entirely.

The legislation redirects $1 million in state and federal family planning funds away from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. In 2010 Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin received more than $18 million in federal and state family planning funds that it claims has reduced abortions. However, the abortion business did 5,439 abortions in 2009, a 56% increase from 2008.