Are Abortions Claiming the Lives of People Like Steve Jobs?

Opinion   |   Erik Whittington   |   Oct 7, 2011   |   12:41PM   |   Washington, DC

As most of you know by now Steve Jobs, the co-founder, CEO and chairman of Apple, Inc. passed away yesterday from pancreatic cancer.  Our condolences to the family of Steve Jobs for their loss.  We are praying for you during this difficult time.

Did you know Steve Jobs was adopted?  He was born in San Francisco, adopted by an Armenian family.  His biological father is a Syrian Muslim and his mother is an American of German ancestry.  Both parents were attending college at the time of his conception.  His biological mother’s father didn’t approve of her marrying a Syrian so they placed Steve in an adoptive home.  The story is fascinating!

Since Steve Jobs was born before the U.S. Supreme Court decisions Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton (which opened the floodgates of abortion on demand) adoption was a preferred choice over abortion, and much more acceptable and available (abortions were illegal) then today.

What if Steve Jobs was conceived today?  Since his parents weren’t married and both attending college there is a much higher chance he would have been aborted.  Could his mother have withstood the pressure from her friends, her classmates and her family members to abort?  Would she of withstood the pressure of a Planned Parenthood abortion salesperson telling her pregnancy is just a blob of tissue & abortion is harmless?  Many college mothers these days choose abortion over life for their child.  The abortion rate for college aged mothers is astronomical.  I would easily bet my iPhone4 that if Steve Jobs would have been conceived today he most likely would have been aborted.

Of course I am, as well as most individuals are thankful that Steve Jobs was conceived before Roe v Wade.  Many are thankful not only that he is alive but for his story, his adoption, his success story, his inventions and all the Apple products he made.

Adoption is powerful!  Without the willingness of his mother to place her son in an adoptive home AND for Steve’s adoptive parents to take him as one of their own who knows how the world would be today.  Would we have Apple, Inc.?  What would we do without our Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, iTunes, etc., etc.?

Adoption Saves Lives!

For more information on adoption and adoption services check out Bethany Christian Services. Note:  Erik Whittington is the executive director of Rock For Life, a pro-life group for youth.