Abortion Advocates Vandalize Pro-Life Display After Arrests

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 5, 2011   |   11:53AM   |   Buffalo, NY

Arrests have been made related to initial vandalism of a pro-life display on the campus of the University of Buffalo, but that hasn’t topped abortion advocates from vandalizing the cross display again.

As LifeNews.com reported yesterday, a pro-life display was destroyed by vandals for a second time this year, but two of the vandals involved have been arrested. In May, the University of Buffalo Students for Life (UBSFL) group saw its pro-life display vandalized as pro-abortion vandals viciously attacked one of the group’s first events, their Cemetery of the Innocents Display featuring crosses meant to memorialize the 53 million unborn children who have been killed in abortions.

Phil Eddy, a regional coordinator for Students for Life of America, indicated the display was vandalize again when Buffalo students put it up this semester.

Eddy says pro-life advocates are shocked that one of the campus police officers indicated one of the students arrested may be charged with a hate crime for attacking the pro-life display.

Today, Eddy said the arrests have done nothing to stop abortion backers from vandalizing the display once again.

“Well it looks like abortion advocates have had a busy day at University of Buffalo.  A total of eight individuals were caught vandalizing the Cemetery of the Innocents display this afternoon, and a disturbing scene is reported to have unfolded,” he said in a post on the web site of Students for Life of America. “Students from UB Students for Life were keeping a watchful eye on the display throughout the day, and at one point they witnessed a small group of angry women forming at the display.  Two began to rip up the crosses, and someone described as “older, at least 40 years old, and possibly a faculty member” reportedly yelled “Hey ladies, let’s start a riot.”  This incited six more people to begin tearing up crosses, and they continued until campus police arrived.”

Eddy continues:

Those caught (two not caught are shown on security video footage on the right) were referred to the student judiciary for punishment, rather than charged with an actual crime, unlike one of the students arrested yesterday.  Jake DiVeronica is facing criminal charges, and took to Facebook today to let his friends at a UB atheist group know what he did:

Several students have been arrested for interfering with it. (Myself included). I merely kicked one of the crosses over when I thought nobody was around and was cuffed for 5 hours and charged.

He later went on to confirm in another post that he was acting in anger towards the display.

There is a disturbing pattern emerging here that shows a climate of hate on the UB campus, directed towards those students who identify as pro-life.  In an age where schools are going out of their way to address the very serious problem of student-on-student bullying, I think it is fair to say that UB is failing miserably to prevent direct and violent bully-like action perpetrated by abortion advocates on their fellow (pro-life) students.

Furthermore, there are very real concerns that UB SFL members are having in regards to the future treatment of their organization by the Student Association.  Rumors have spread that the SA met tonight to discuss the numerous vandalisms, and at least two students expressed fear that the school will use the attacks as an excuse to limit the ability of the group to operate on campus – essentially further victimizing the victims.  This is reminiscent of their attempts to prevent the students from starting UB SFL in the first place, and if true, would not only be unacceptable, but also illegal!

Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America, is working closely with the student pro-life group to provide help and support.

“This is not the first time students at the University of Buffalo or across the country have been targeted with violence for their beliefs,” she said. “Truly, this group is making an impact on their campus. I am so proud of Sara and the UB Students for Life group for standing strong in the face of such overwhelming adversity.”

She said SFLA is working on “getting Phil up to Buffalo as soon as possible to be there to support them in case they face backlash, which we are expecting, from the school administration. And we are also planning a follow-up event to show the the University of Buffalo that pro-life students are strong and will NOT let their beliefs be swayed by a group of cowards.”