Bachmann: GOP Nominee Must Push Pro-Life Theme on Abortion

Politics   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 4, 2011   |   3:34PM   |   Des Moines, IA

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann campaigned in Iowa today and said that, while most voters will likely cast their ballots in the 2012 presidential election based on the economy, she said abortion shouldn’t get lost in the mix.

Bachmann, according to a Quad City Times report, told her audience of about 70 people that voters shouldn’t settle for a moderate Republican who is not willing to promote pro-life views. She spoke at the Embassy Suites in downtown Des Moines where dozens of pastors and church leaders gathered and got an “Amen!” when she made the remark.

“Don’t settle for a candidate that does not stand up for the sanctity of life,” Bachmann said

“We can’t forget what truly is the foundational issue which is the right to life,” she said. “And I have always stood for that right and as president of the United States I will stand for life from conception until natural death.”

“You can get a lot of things wrong, but you can’t get life wrong and that’s why in this particular election it’s important that we not settle, we not settle for a candidate who doesn’t stand up for life,” she said. “It’s very important that our candidate represent both the pro-life cause and standing up the sanctity of the family and of the home.”

“Why would we settle on someone who is not clear on the issue of life,” she added, saying she is tired of pro-life advocates getting “patted on the head” by party establishment leaders who rely on social conservatives to get out the vote for candidates about which they are less than enthusiastic.

The Minnesota congresswoman also visited the Informed Choices Medical Clinic in West Des Moines, a pregnancy center that helps women with practical support during a pregnancy and abortion alternatives.

Bachmann, who won the Ames, Iowa straw poll vote in August and was once at the top of the Republican presidential leaderboard but has since seen her national numbers tumble to below 10 percent, said she expects to win the Iowa causes early next year. Bachman will need to pull out a victory there and have it generate a significant bounce for her campaign if she expects to carry the GOP nomination to face pro-abortion President Barack Obama.