Life Chain Sees Americans Prayerfully Protest Abortions

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 3, 2011   |   1:38PM   |   Washington, DC

Tens of thousands of Americans took the streets in approximately 1,500 cities and towns across the United States and Canada on Sunday afternoon as part of the annual Life Chain. The event features a silent pro-life witness as participants stand with signs condemning abortion and promoting adoption as a solution.

Their signs read “Abortion Kills Children,” “Abortion Hurts Women” and “Adoption — The Loving Option.” Others say “Jesus Heals and Forgives” and “Life the First Inalienable Right.”

Almost 100 people participated in Roanoke, Virginia where people gathered on Williamson road near the Roanoke Civic Center for more than 90 minutes to pray and hold non-graphic signs against abortion.

“We are just here to tell people hey there are other alternatives there is the blue ridge woman center, they can help you don’t have to choose abortion you can choose other things, you can choose adoption so that is why we are here,” says Al Bedrosian, one of the participants according to WSLS.

Thirty members of Salem Right to Life in Oregon joined in as well and the spokeswoman for the group, Lori LaVan of Salem, said pro-life advocates got strong support and thumbs up from drivers passing by them.

“We’re here to bring awareness that abortion is taking a life,” she told Salem News. “Life begins at conception, whether or not it’s the day after or a partial-birth abortion, it’s still taking a life.”

“It’s urgent that we take a stand this year. With the current health-care laws, we will pay for abortion, no matter what,” said 64-year-old Houma resident Nancy Smith.

In Peoria, Illinois, the Life Chain played very well as more than 300 people joined in the pro-life event.

“I’m trying to point to the fact that we would like to see people’s hearts change,” Andy Petermeyer of Peoria said. “If those children weren’t aborted, there’s people out there with God in their conscience that would love to raise a child.”

Anne Smith of Brimfield, who wore a shirt that read “I am adopted,” traveled to Peoria with her mother, Barb, for the event, she told the Journal Star newspaper.

“I am against all forms of abortion,” Smith said. “Adoption is a wonderful alternative.”

More than 80 people turned out in St. Joseph’s, Missouri, Life Chain coordinator Bill Werner said.

“If every church would send 10 people, we would have one heck of a crowd,” he told the local newspaper. “We try to keep it as a prayer service. For every negative honk you get, you get 10 positive. I think it’s a well-worth cause. I wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t.”

Another 70 people joined the LifeChain in the Tri-City area, including Tri-County Right to Life President Lisa Goedken, who told her local paper: “Abortion is the killing of children. Many people just don’t face that fact. Women do have rights, but so do children. This is not a women’s rights issue, this is a human rights issue. One of the things we do is pray for women who have had abortions.”