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New York Times Blasted for Attacking Pro-Life Abortion Laws

New York, NY | 1/31/11 7:46 PM

The New York Times is getting blasted from pro-life advocates for two weekend editorials that attack pro-life laws limiting abortions, including the new No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act in Congress that would permanently ban federal taxpayer funding of abortions.

Georgia Lawmaker Promotes Fetal Pain-Based Abortion Ban

Atlanta, GA | 1/31/11 6:58 PM

Baltimore to Appeal Decision Supporting Pregnancy Centers

Baltimore, MD | 1/31/11 5:48 PM

The city of Baltimore and officials with the pro-abortion legal group Center for Reproductive Rights said over the weekend they plan to appeal a judge’s decision striking down a law attacking pregnancy centers operating in the city.

Carleton University Upholds Ban on Pro-Life Student Group

Ottawa, Canada | 1/31/11 5:16 PM

Carleton University’s student association has upheld a decision it rendered last year about whether to kick out a pro-life group that won’t acquiesce to its demands that it rework its charter to support abortion.

Judge Declares Pro-Abortion ObamaCare Unconstitutional

Washington, DC | 1/31/11 4:09 PM

A federal judge in Florida has issued a new ruling in what is the largest lawsuit filed against the Obamacare health care law. U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson says the individual mandate is unconstitutional and, therefore, the entire law is as well.

Jon Huntsman May Launch Pro-Life Republican Presidential Bid

Washington, DC | 1/31/11 2:41 PM

Former two-term Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has stepped down from his position as ambassador to China and may launch a bid for the Republican nomination to face the pro-abortion president for whom he currently is a diplomat.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Weighing Parental Consent Abortion Law

Harrisburg, PA | 1/31/11 2:01 PM

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will be hearing a case on the state’s parental consent law that requires minor teens to get their parent’s permission for an abortion.

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson Doomed in 2012 by Obamacare Vote

Washington, DC | 1/31/11 1:37 PM

If there was one lesson learned during the 2010 elections it was that a vote for Obamacare often signified the end of a career. The pro-life grassroots came out in full force to oust representatives who cast votes for the health care bill, which constituted a major expansion of abortion and posed grave rationing problems.

ABC News Publishes, Removes Story Attacking GOP on Rape, Abortion

Washington, DC | 1/31/11 1:19 PM on Monday republished, then removed an article from Mother Jones magazine on Republicans “redefining rape.” The piece briefly appeared on the network’s website with no explanation that it was by the editor of the liberal magazine.

New DC Late-Term Abortion Biz Injects Babies, Abandons Women

Washington, DC | 1/31/11 12:56 PM

James Pendergraft, a Florida-based abortion business owner has had his medical licenses suspended four times for violations, has reportedly opened up a new late-term abortion business in the Washington, D.C. area.

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