Bill Bans China’s Population Controllers From U.S. Entry

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 26, 2011   |   1:21PM   |   Washington, DC

New legislation introduced by the pro-life leader in the House of Representatives follows on a hearing a House committee held last week into the multitude of human rights problems associated with China’s one-child policy.

Last week, as LifeNews reported, the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Human Rights Subcommittee held a hearing to underscore the forced abortions, coercive sterilizations, and other human rights abuses that have resulted after 31 years of the Chinese policy preventing couples from having more than one child. Victims of forced abortions testified along with Chai Ling, former student leader at Tiananmen Square, founder of All Girls Allowed; Reggie Littlejohn, President, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, and; Dr. Valerie Hudson, author of the book “Bare Branches” all testified during the hearing.

Now, Congressman Chris Smith, the pro-life New Jersey Republican who headed the hearing, has introduced the China Democracy Promotion Act of 2011. The legislation gives the president of the United States the right to deny entry into the U.S. any people who have been directly involved in the population control program — including members of the Family Planning Commission who engage in forced abortions, jailing dissidents, and sterilizing men and women who disobey the family planning policy.

“Women bear the major brunt of the one child policy not only as mothers,” Smith said. “Due to the male preference in China’s society and the limitation of the family size to one child, the policy has directly contributed to what is accurately described as gendercide—the deliberate extermination of a girl—born or unborn—simply because she happens to be female.”

He continued: “As a result of the Chinese government’s barbaric attack on mothers and their children, there are some 100 million more males than females in China today.  It has been noted that the three most dangerous words in China today are: “it’s a girl!”

“Today in China, rather than being given maternal care, pregnant women without birth allowed permits are hunted down and forcibly aborted. They are mocked, belittled and humiliated. There are no single moms in China—except those who somehow evade the family planning cadres and conceal their pregnancy. For over three decades, brothers and sisters have been illegal; a mother has absolutely no right to protect her unborn baby from state sponsored violence,” Smith said.

In July, Smith offered an amendment demanding the release and an end of the torture of Chinese defense attorney Chen Guangcheng, who bravely defended forced abortion victims in China. Both Chen and his wife Yuan Weijing are at risk of dying from repeated beatings by the Chinese secret police and refused access to critically-needed medical care.

In the latter part of August when Vice President Joe Biden was visiting China, he stated that he ―fully understood the one child policy, and that he’s not ―second guessing.

“Can you imagine what the public reaction would be if the Vice President had said that he ―fully understands‖ and is not ―second guessing copyright infringement and gross violations of intellectual property rights?” Smith responded.

“The one child per couple policy is the most egregious systematic attack on mothers ever. For my Vice President to publicly state that he fully understands the one child policy and then say he won’t second guess it is unconscionable, and sells out every mom in the PRC who has suffered this abuse. Instead of defending the one child policy, Vice President Biden should have asked for the release of Chen and Yuan, or at least made a formal request to see them,” Smith said.

Smith invited Biden to join the hearing and explain his ―full understanding‖ of the one child policy.

“I’ve been informed that he is not in D.C. today and could not attend. Given the grave importance of this issue, and the literally millions of lives at stake, I extend to the Vice President an open invitation to testify at a hearing at his convenience to share his ―understanding with the Subcommittee, and what actions, if any, the Obama Administration is taking to end this barbaric policy,” Smith responded.

Smith said he is concerned the one-child policy is expanding elsewhere across the globe in other forms.

“President Paul Kagame of Rwanda for example wants a limit of three children per woman. I spoke to him directly about it and heard the same arguments I heard from family planning officials on trips to Beijing,” he said.