Pro-Life Advocates to Bring Live 4D-Ultrasounds to Congress

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 15, 2011   |   6:55PM   |   Washington, DC

Ultrasound technology gets much of the credit when pro-life advocates point to the ways in which public opinion on abortion has moved towards the pro-life side over the last decades. Now, pro-life advocates will literally to take ultrasounds to members of Congress to show them the humanity of the unborn child.

The “Voices from the Womb” project co-sponsored by pro-life advocates Brandi Swindell and Rev. Patrick Mahoney will kick-off their national campaign in the Congressional Auditorium on October 13. This project will feature live “real time” ultrasounds being performed on women in the first, second and third trimesters of pregnancy so close to Congress that members of the House and Senate can walk to see them.

All 535 members of Congress and the public will be invited to the presentation, where they can witness the amazing technology revealing the intricate development of human life at its various stages before birth.

After the showing on Capitol Hill, “Voices from the Womb” will begin a national tour performing live ultrasounds in schools, churches, state capitals and public hearings as a means of educating the public on fetal development and encouraging people to oppose abortion.

The project is being sponsored by The Stanton Project with co-sponsors the Christian Defense Coalition and the National Pro-life Center and organizers hope “it will revolutionize the debate on abortion” as “elected officials and Americans see the humanity of the pre-born child.”

“Voices from the Womb will give members of Congress the opportunity, for the first time, to ‘hear’ from the pre-born children of American,” says Brandi Swindell, Founder and President of Stanton Healthcare. “They will have the chance to see and hear the beating heart of 12 week old pre-born child. They will witness the miracle and beauty of an 18 week old child where they can clearly see their face, fingers and toes.”

“Through the power of this amazing ‘window to the womb’ all pro-choice politics and arguments will melt away.  America’s leaders will be able to see, for the first time, the humanity of the child and the fact that we must do all that we can as a nation to protect the weakest members of our society and stand for universal human rights,” she said.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, adds, “For years, people have come to Washington, D.C. to have their voices heard.  Dr. Martin Luther King came to advance civil rights.  Susan B. Anthony came to secure voting rights for women.”

“Now for the first time in history, the pre-born children of America are coming to Capitol Hill to have their voices ‘heard’ in our nation’s Capital,” Mahoney added. “After the showing of  ‘Voices from the Womb’ on Capitol Hill, we plan on showing live ultrasounds in schools, churches, state capitals and  legislative hearings. We believe as America ‘sees and hears’ from pre-born children they will embrace justice and human rights for all and work to end the violence of abortion.”

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